Why making sweets in the kitchen helps me relax

My love for baking began with cupcakes. What started as a binge cupcake war with my mother he has now become the designated pastry chef at every birthday. Even though I am a very busy person, I always find time in my day to bake someone a treat. Planning the perfect combination of cake and frosting, watching cupcakes rise in the oven, placing frosting, and of course creating simple yet professional looking decorations is what excites me. Better yet, I actually find it very relaxing to buy ingredients, bake and of course enjoy them later.

From years of experience in the kitchen I have dominated find the best recipes, but the simplest, which helps me manage my time. Nothing excites me more than a holiday, a birthday, or just a random weekend when I have to bake something. The sweet smells in the kitchen, the heat from the oven, and my dad and brothers sneaking a bite when I’m not looking all contribute to the Good vibrations baking

Over the years I have done many experiments in the kitchen. Cake, cupcakes, brownies, cookies, bread – I’ve tried them all, and some have definitely worked better than others. At this point, I have my favorite recipes for each type of dessert, and then modify them as needed. I always make cakes, cupcakes and cookies from scratch. I refuse to use boxed cake mix or canned frosting for someone’s birthday celebration. Now don’t get me wrong, I still think a Duncan Hines devil’s food cake out of the box is delicious; my mom used to make it for my birthday every year. However, the homemade cake is forever best, and I always try to do my best when I’m serving the people I love. (Side note: I prefer box brownies, so never make them from scratch.)

To be honest, the whole organization of the confectionery is so satisfying me. I do a little prep work, put the treats in the oven, clean up while things cook and cool, then decorate to my heart’s content, all of which is enjoyed later by eating something delicious. Either way, mixing up a few ingredients and popping them in the oven will always brighten my day. There’s something about baking that always seems to make me happier. Maybe it reminds me of watching my mom bake or makes me excited for an upcoming holiday or celebration; all i know is that Calm down It brings me down and it lifts me up.

Some people meditate, some exercise, and some rant to their friends. These are all valid ways to deal with stress, some of which I also use myself. However, my favorite way of relax it is for baking. Whether it’s the day before Thanksgiving or just a rainy day, I’ll always be in a good mood in the kitchen. And the best part, of course, is that when you’re done, you have plenty of deliciousness to to enjoy alone or with the people around you.

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