Who’s up for a taste of Mountain Dew’s Christmas flavor, Fruit Quake?

mountain dew It is one of the most popular soft drink brands in the world. The brand first hit shelves in 1940 and has constantly reinvented itself, from embracing its status as the gamers’ favorite soda to introducing a full line of headline-grabbing novelty flavors for a limited time. Over the years, flavors like Gingerbread Snap’d, Liberty Brew, and Cake-Smash have been released for short periods, creating a lot of buzz on social media.

This holiday season, Mountain Dew is launching a new holiday flavor called Fruit Quake. And internet users are already debating whether they want to try this new version of Mountain Dew.

What is Mountain Dew Fruit Quake?

Mountain Dew Fruit Quake is the limited flavor of Mountain Dew for the 2022 holiday season. Following last year’s Gingerbread Snap’d and the Merry Mash-Up flavor of 2018, 2019, and 2020. The Mountain Dew website describes the flavor Fruit Quake saying:

“Celebrate the season with a burst of artificial fruitcake flavor!”

This new soda tries to recreate the taste of the already controversial Christmas fruitcake: a dense cake that usually contains a variety of dried fruits and nuts, which can include walnuts, pineapple, cherries, and raisins. As well as a bunch of other different fruits.

How can you buy Mountain Dew Fruit Quake?

Mountain Dew Fruit Quake can be purchased at the same retailers where you regularly purchase Mountain Dew. However, as it is a limited edition flavor, some stores can sell out quickly, so you may have to try several outlets to get your hands on some.

Mountain Dew’s website also notes that you can order the soda online from a number of retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, Instacart, Boxed, and Kroger; so there are ways to get it if your local store doesn’t have one.

Mountain Dew Fruit Quake is offered in 12 and 20 ounce bottle formats.

What does the Internet think of Fruit Quake?

As with any limited edition flavor, half the fun is seeing how different parts of the internet react to it, and several people have taken to social media to voice their thoughts on the flavor.

Some love it, with many users on Reddit’s Mountain Dew subreddit and on Twitter praising the flavor, with many preferring it to previous holiday offerings. Although some note that it doesn’t beat the old Merry Mash-Up flavor.

However, others don’t really like the taste. Many internet users post that they find the taste disgusting and strange. Some argue that it doesn’t taste like fruitcake at all.

Of course, like anything related to Mountain Dew, it has spawned several memes.

There’s a chance that Fruit Quake could follow in Sprite Cranberry’s footsteps and become more of a soda known as a meme than a drink.

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