What’s New in Philadelphia Area Restaurants

This week is homecoming in the region for many families. Where are the new places to try? But first, it’s turkey time. We share a family recipe and critic Craig LaBan’s foolproof trick. Read on for a roundup of outdoor restaurants that get really hot and a story about a special baking instructor.

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“What’s new to bring my friends Coming from another city?” The questions! I found several dozen new and soon-to-be-opening restaurants in the Philadelphia area. Options include Georgian, Japanese, Mexican, pizza (that’s Paulie Gee’s store, above), vegan , Italian and dim sum.There’s even a conveyor belt sushi restaurant down the road.

Dining al fresco in this weather? Colleague Hira Qureshi found more than 70 places in the Philadelphia area that offer climate-controlled dining. Let’s go to the bonfire.

Family food traditions. come together on Thanksgiving to remind us where we came from. Contributor Jessica van Dop DeJesus shares a special Puerto Rican turkey recipe (above) that brings back memories of her parents and the platoon of hungry Marines she once cooked it for.

The incredible grilled turkey he’s a staple in critic Craig LaBan’s house, where relatives fight over him. This is how he does it.

Your Options Are Limited Right Now for a Thanksgiving feast to go, but for ideas on where to dine in person, try these restaurants.

Tatiana Wingate, owner of the Sprinkled Sweetness bakery, launched her Dusted Sweetness Academy five years ago to teach the art of pastry. His students are children and adults, writes his colleague Jenn Ladd. Guess who is easier to teach?

very good company By Craig Laban: A World Cup Food Tour in Philadelphia. “While nibbling on our varied cuisine, from schnitzel to Soondubu, from tacos to Thieboudienne, I scored many goals with empanadas, sukiyaki and hot socca cakes, with sweet roll bowls to take the win.” 🔑

Chef Carlos Aparicio, that developed the Parc baguettes and the Zavino pizzas, launches a new bag. After working for other restaurateurs for a quarter of a century, he works for himself, and believes he has perfected the cemita, a seedless roll with a crispy crust and soft center. (That’s the birria below.)

It’s the main feature of his new restaurant in South Philadelphia, The Chingon. It’s a lively all-day cafe in Bella Vista.

El Chingon, 1524 S. 10th St. Hours: For the first month, doors will open at 9 a.m. for coffee and pastries, with the all-day menu starting at 10 a.m. Closing will be at 10 p.m., later on Friday and Saturday and until 9 pm on Sunday. It’s just to enter. Breakfast will follow.

Briefly noted

Emilio Horner, a former sous chef at Musi BYOB and such hotspots as Cicala at the Divine Lorraine, Amis, Brigantessa, is making and selling 100% sourdough cakes in it widely available pop-up Nov. 26-27 at Musi, 100 Morris St. Square pizzas will be available for pickup and delivery between 12 and 8 p.m. Plus, Musi will prepare 25 FrizWit cheesesteaks per day, also available for pickup and delivery . Details are on the Musi website.

Sweet Jazmine’s Bakery in Berwyn will close on November 23 after 23 years. The Berwyn Fire Department is expanding and did not renew the lease.

melanie melle, whose career in the kitchen dates back to Center City’s former The Garden, retires and closes Saint Peter’s Bakery (3441 Saint Peters Rd. in Warwick). The last day will be November 27. She and her husband, Pete, opened the bakery in Saint Peter’s Village in 2010.

the reservation book is open for new excavations by Kalaya on Palmer Street, and we’re taking you inside for a peek at the full splendor of the skylight. The first night is on the 29th of November.

Speaking of Kalaya: A “no rules” noodle shop called MAWN, by chef Phila Lorn and his wife, Rachel, will occupy Kalaya’s former location on Ninth Street in South Philadelphia.

What was the best-selling wine in Pennsylvania last year?

A) Boone Strawberry Hill Farm

B) Prosecco The Brand

C) chardonnay kendall jackson

D) two dollar chuck

Get the answer here. And happy Thanksgiving to all of you, from all of us.

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