What items are returning to Tim Hortons’ 2022 holiday menu? details explored

Tim Hortons will celebrate the 2022 holiday season with the introduction of new festive products, special holiday cups and boxes of donuts. The festive season will also see the return of the Holiday Tree Donut and Peppermint Beverage, all of which are perennial favorites.

Additionally, from November 16 through December 12, 2022, Tims Rewards members in the US will receive a $1 Medium Mint Mocha Iced Capsule at select restaurants when they order online or through the Tim’s Hortons app.

Food, Drink and Merchandise: A Closer Look at Tim Hortons Holiday Menu for 2022

Wondering where to get cappuccino in the downtown Surrey area? We are happy to help you. Try the new festive menu at @Tim Hortons. You can use the Tim Hortons mobile app to order ahead and save waiting time. https://t.co/DZg37lx0G0

Here’s a list of the latest menu additions the brand is rolling out for the holiday season:

  • Frozen mint and mocha plug: The chain’s traditional frozen coffee drink, flavored with decadent chocolate mint syrup and garnished with crunchy mint bits and whipped topping.
  • hot chocolate mint: Smooth hot chocolate with whipped topping and a garnish of salty mint bits. Served with chocolate and mint syrup.
  • Mint Mocha Latte: Creamy espresso base with blended mint mocha flavor syrup, topped with whipped topping and a scattering of salty mint pieces. Available hot or iced.
  • Cream of Mocha and Mint Cold Brew: A blend of the company’s traditional cold brew and rich chocolate mint syrup, finished with a dollop of sweet, creamy cold foam and some salty, crunchy mint bits.
  • christmas tree donut: A tree-shaped donut with Venetian cream inside, green fondant on top, and seasonal toppings.

A collection of holiday merchandise will also be offered at participating Tim Hortons locations across the country. Collection item prices may change based on location.

Here is a list of everything that is included in the collection of Christmas products:

  • Timbits birthday cake topper, $9.95
  • Timbits Christmas Stockings, $9.95
  • Speckled Ceramic Mug, $11.95
  • 18 oz White Stainless Steel Tumbler, $19.95
  • Snow Globe, $19.95
  • Sherpa Stocking Tim Card Holder, $5.95
  • Sherpa Tights with Pom Pom, $14.95
  • Stadium Sherpa Blanket, $34.95

In short, about Tim Hortons

The first Tim Hortons restaurant opened in Hamilton, Ontario in 1964. Since then, it has grown into a multi-million dollar franchise, known for its distinctive Original Blend coffee, Double-Double TM coffees, Donuts and Timbits.

According to ScrapeHero, as of November 16, 2022, there are 620 Tim Hortons outlets located in the US, with more than 230 of them in New York alone.

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