What is the best Christmas snack? Comparing eight high street deals

The countdown to December 25th is upon us, and this time each year is when our supermarket chains and coffee shops nobly try to cram Christmas dinner into a portable format, namely the sandwich.

With more pressure being placed on our already dwindling bank balances this holiday season, Weekend restaurant critic Joris Minne set out to find where readers can get the best bang for their hard-earned money.

His taste test guide will help sarnie lovers—carnivores and plant devotees alike—select what’s best on the shelves and what to leave in the cold cabinets.

Caffe Nero Pigs Under Blankets Tostati Melt (pork sausage, beechwood-smoked bacon, mascarpone, cheese and cranberry sauce), £4.50

It’s overpowered by blueberry sweetness and lacks seasoning, but it’s generous, albeit a little too sweet. I would have bought this one because it looks so appetizing, but would I have it again? I would, but only if it had a bit of salt and pepper.


Greggs Vegan Turkey-Free and Stuffing Baguette (plant-based ‘meat’, plant-based stuffing with sage and onion, onion sauce and cranberry-port sauce), £3.50


Vegan Turkey-Free Stuffed Baguette from Greggs

I like Greggs vegan sausage rolls and this one is very, very good. And the reason it’s good is because the bread is so crispy and structured enough to take what’s inside. It is unctuous and it is beautiful. It has a lovely texture. It also tastes the same as the famous Greggs sausage roll and is a nice mix between the sweetness of the cranberry and the filling.


Starbucks Pulled Turkey and Ham Sandwich (also contains cranberry sauce and gluten-free whole wheat bread), £4.70

It’s a little sweet and the bread almost tastes like cake, but since it’s gluten-free, it’s a good choice for those on gluten-free diets. It’s generous in terms of filling, although there isn’t much lettuce and overall quite disappointing. The bread is too crumbly – that’s the wrong kind of bread for this sandwich, but then again, it’s gluten-free, so that probably explains why the texture is the way it is.


Tesco Turkey, Stuffed and Cranberry Sub, £2.75


Group of Christmas snacks

This is a very generous holiday sandwich. It’s a nice balance between the saltiness of the turkey and the sweetness of the cranberry sauce. Such is the size of it, it is almost like a meal and it has so much flavor. It’s very traditional and not innovative at all, but it’s what you’d expect this type of sandwich to be. It is good value for money for its generosity and is the perfect type of bread. It also looks appetizing, with the golden color of the submarine.


M&S Turkey Feast on Malted Bread (5% of sales go to charity), £3.75


Marks & Spencer Turkey Feast

It’s a good size sandwich and the filling is plentiful, but it doesn’t taste particularly fresh. I’m sure it probably is, but there’s something stale about this to me. I wouldn’t bet on this again, but it’s nice that a percentage of the sales of this option goes to a good cause.


M&S Plant Kitchen Turkey Feast, £3.50

I’m afraid the turkey substitute is cloying in this sandwich and there is a strong smell of garlic, which is unpleasant. However, I am not a vegan, so it may be a favorable option for those who are not meat eaters.


Costa Classic Turkey Feast (with sweet bacon, stuffing and cranberry sauce), £4.65

It’s a very good bread and there’s a nice smoky flavor from the bacon and again we have a generously stuffed sandwich. The filling is what you expect – great flavor from the sage and onion. However, it features sliced ​​turkey, which means it’s a bit more processed, so it’s disappointing. decent effort.


Sainsbury’s Beef and Horseradish Mayonnaise Sandwich (with arugula), £2.95

I like the combination of beef and horseradish, it’s a classic, and the meat in this is good quality and tastes good. The contents of the sandwich also look like a frisée style of salad. As an alternative to turkey, this is a great option.


Thanks to the MAC for letting us photograph our taste test in their building. Joris’s velvet jacket is £75 and from Next

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