What is Texas’ favorite fast food burger?

We all have our favorite burgers. There are so many different combinations of ingredients too. Some love a simple burger, while others require more complex items.

Regardless of one’s favorite, there is always a burger that some people will always get regardless of which restaurant they go to. And in Texas, there is no shortage of sandwiches.

So when ShaneCo collected data with the goal of discovering each state’s favorite fast food burger, there was one question that probably occurred to him:

What is the number one fast food burger in Texas?

So the data was counted, between a combination of data from Google Trends and a survey of 2,000 Americans. The data was collected over a year, between April 2021 and April 2022. Some states were split on the outcome of different strings.

For example, the state of Kansas had Five Guys as its favorite hamburger restaurant, but McDonald’s Quarter Pounder ranked number one. Arizona celebrated both In-N-Out as its favorite burger restaurant and In-N-Out’s Animal Style Burger.

But let us now come to our state, the Lone Star State.

The best fast food burger in Texas

Data shows Big Orange W, also known as Whataburger, ranked No. 1 as Texas’ Favorite Fast Food Burger Restaurant. But what was the favorite burger?

Well, it’s the Whataburger Patty Melt that took the title of favourite! Which, if you’ve ever had the Patty Melt from there, isn’t surprising. It’s a personal favorite of mine too.

But we want to hear from you, what is your favorite burger from any fast food restaurant? Let us know by sending us a message on our FREE station app using the chat feature.

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