What is Great American Cookies Elf on the Shelf Cake made of? details explored

Great American Cookies has now launched a new cake to welcome the holiday season with traditional sweetness. Kicking off an epic partnership with The Lumistella Company, the parent company of Elf on the Shelf, the cookie company recently unveiled a limited-time Elf on the Shelf cake.

Available in stores beginning November 24, customers can get Great American Cookies’ Elf on the Shelf cake for a starting price of $44.99. The limited-time cake will be available through December 24 in stores nationwide. Customers can place their orders at the nearest store or through the chain’s website for pick up or delivery.

Great American Cookies took to their website to announce the happy news, with Katie Thoms, Senior Director of Marketing, saying:

“We are very excited to participate in the magic of The Elf on the Shelf tradition leading up to Christmas. While the Scout Elves will be in their families’ homes, we wanted to celebrate them in the store with one of their favorite foods, cookie cake!

Great American Cookies Elf on the Shelf Cake is packed with a favorite holiday treat

Elf on the Shelf is a modern and fun tradition for children in collaboration with the publication of The leprechaun on the shelf Illustrated book by Bell Chanda and Carol V. Aebersold.

The book tells the story of Santa’s elves who visit children’s homes to keep an eye on their activities, both good and bad, and report them to Santa. The fun tradition encourages good behavior from children during the holiday season, and even throughout the year.

Continuing the tradition, Great American Cookies has now released the Elf on the Shelf Cookie Cake for a limited time to give kids another reason to be good this holiday season. Parents who want to bring the traditional sweetness home can get a limited-time cookie cake at their nearest store.

The Elf on the Shelf cake features the chain’s original chocolate chip cookies. Carrying the Christmas flavors of chocolate chip cookies in every bite, the cake also features pixie frosting and comes with colored frosting border.

Both the cake batter and frosting can be customized for an additional cost.

In short, about Great American Cookies

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Founded in 1977, the Great American Cookie Co. is known for its gourmet cookies. An American chain of independent and franchised stores, the company does business in the United States as Great American Cookies and is popular for its specialty cookie cakes.

Headquartered in Atlanta, the chain has more than 290 stores across the country, most of them located in malls. The gourmet cookie chain was founded by Michael J. Coles and his partner Arthur Karp, with the idea of ​​selling cookies based on a family recipe passed down to Karp’s wife.

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