Wedding Trends I Love and Some I Don’t So Much

We love it, we love it not

Wedding days are something almost everyone dreams of when they are younger. Today it is even easier to choose the ideal day for the wedding with the help of Instagram, Pinterest and TikTok. I recently attended a wedding that was, as some would call it, non-traditional or unconventional, and it was still a beautiful and unforgettable day. It got me thinking, why do certain traditions constitute a wedding anyway? Here is my list of traditions and trends that I love and some that I think we can finally let go of.

1. CAN GO: First Dances

At this recent wedding there was actually a first dance, and I can’t lie; I cried big. But at the same time, when you stop and think about the concept of a first dance, it’s incredibly awkward. All of these people are standing and looking at you and your partner as you sway in silence for three minutes. Personally, I think I would die from social anxiety alone.

2. HERE TO STAY: Private Latest dances

This is a trend that has recently gained attention, especially on social media. It is a time when the couple is left alone in the reception space at the end of the celebration to have a private first/last dance of the night. I think the intimacy of the moment is unbeatable. I definitely want this trend to continue to gain strength.

3. CAN GO: The league launch

Absolutely not. No. No offense if you plan to do this at your wedding, have done it at your wedding, or know someone who has, but let me say it one more time: NO. It’s weird and overtly sexual, and no one needs to witness that. Weddings can be awkward enough when that black sheep of a guy has too much to drink and makes a chill-inducing joke about their wedding night.

4. They are here to stay: toast

Now I know this one can be controversial, but I really do love a good toast. Good, bad, embarrassing, drunk, chubby, I’ll take it all. The best possible result is that you have a secret speaker among your wedding party or guests and everyone can enjoy a perfectly crafted, sentimental and slightly cheeky speech. The other best possible outcome is for someone to make a complete buffoon out of themselves and everyone is entertained for the rest of the day. It’s a win no matter what!

5. You Can Go: The Smash Cake

There is absolutely no way for me to mess up my hair and makeup. Period. Done. End of story. I have no idea who decided this should be a thing, but I just want to talk to them. Just a chat, I swear. Not only does expensive, time-consuming glamor suffer in the process, but it’s a crime to waste all the cake.

6. HERE TO STAY: Casual Dining

This was a huge hit at the wedding I went to recently. We had salad and pizza, both complete with every topping option you can imagine. I loved this item! How many times do you go to a wedding where the couple has spent an incredible amount of money on beef, chicken or fish dishes only to have it subpar? Give people an affordable meal! It’s what they want! Especially if you have an open bar, the greasy the better!

The moral of the story is that you shouldn’t be afraid to make your wedding day exactly how you want it to be. Don’t worry about adhering to traditions. No one else’s expectations get to dictate what your day looks like. So, go have a barbecue full of toast and drunk! I promise your guest won’t mind.

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