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Follow your nose and the constant stream of people heading to Villa Brazil Café Grill for delicious and diverse dishes from Brazil and beyond. This unique self-service buffet-style restaurant offers a wide variety of Brazilian and Continental delicacies, hot and cold dishes, soups, salads and desserts, and your favorites are waiting for you!

Dine in the informal dining room with several neat tables and high top tables to enjoy your meal. Many customers choose to fill plates that are packed to go, the choice is yours. If you’re unfamiliar with Brazilian cuisine, it often starts with meats cooked on long skewers over the sizzling churrasco grill. The ultra-hot barbecue grill produces the juiciest, flavorful meats that pair well with so many items on the buffet. Everything is priced by the pound, so you can order steaks from the grill only for $12.99/lb., buffet only for $9.99/lb., or both for $10.99/lb.

Starting with the hot buffet, you will be amazed by the constantly replenished and freshly cooked selection of dishes that change daily to suit the wishes of loyal customers. Steaming plates of grilled chicken, sliced ​​steak with onions, meatballs with gravy and chicken cordon bleu roulettes were on hand exuding their savory aromas. My juicy BBQ ribs fell right off the bone and the juices soaked into the fluffy white rice and mashed potatoes on my plate. Tender fillet of sole is stuffed with crab meat and rolled in a creamy lemon sauce that pairs well with yellow rice and seasoned beans. The spinach stuffed puff pastry was a nice side dish along with the corn soufflé, fresh greens, and red and black beans that are made daily. Feijoada is a national meat and bean stew made several times a week at Villa Brazil Café Grill, available for $12.99 a pound for stay-in or take-out. Take what you want and the staff will weigh it and provide silverware for dinner. Enjoy some imported wine, beer, and soft drinks to accompany your meal.

Standing next to the churrasco is a skilled grill man tending to all the skewers, cooking the meats and chicken evenly for perfect texture and flavor. Choose from succulent prime rib, glistening with juices, and slice to taste. Brazilian-style beef tenderloin called picanha is incredibly tender and the grill slices it right off the skewer for you at your favorite temperature: rare, medium, or well done. The meat is then sprinkled with coarse salt and replaced with slower cooking. Hanging steak is another popular grilled option, as are chicken or pork sausages, bacon-wrapped pork, juicy chicken legs, and more. Don’t feel like cooking at home? Go inside and choose your cuts of meat and sides to take home and dinner is ready.

Refresh at the salad bar where you’ll find fresh salads, marinated beets, onions, vegetables, hearts of palm, Russian salad, avocado, corn, rolls, fresh fruit and more.

Villa Brazil Café Grill has a spectacular variety of cakes and pastries including moist and delicious chocolate layer cake, coconut cake, tiramisu, guava cake, flan, cheesecake, Brazilian pastries and chocolate brigadeiro truffles.

Lunchtime offers the buffet and generously filled sandwiches made on soft buns filled with slices of beef, pork and chicken. A variety of homemade soups is available every day. Their homemade empanadas and croquettes are a good snack at any time.

Villa Brazil Café Grill owner Deilson Teixeira, his wife and friendly staff keep everything clean and fresh and treat guests with warm Brazilian hospitality. They are open seven days a week for lunch and dinner from 11:30 am to 9:30 pm. If you’ve never tried Brazilian cuisine, hurry over to Villa Brazil Café Grill for the best dishes in the country made fresh all day, every day. obliged!

43-16 34th Avenue – Long Island City | 917.396.4087

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