Vera Artisan Bakery opens new kitchen on King Street

The award-winning Vera’s Bakery on Barnton Street has been a favorite of Brigthe food section since it opened in 2020. Naturally we dropped everything and ran into town when they announced they were opening a new sister kitchen on King Street today.

The experience

We were greeted by the loveliest staff who were friendly and attentive throughout our visit. The first thing we noticed about the new venue was how spacious it was. Seating is something your Barnton Street bakery is really lacking, so it was great to see.

It was pretty busy for its first day, but we easily got a table. The space has a really cozy vibe with lots of warm lights.

Image Credit: Ciara Tait


We both decided to have coffee (Freya had an Americano and Ciara had a vanilla latte with soy milk). While the coffee was not really to our liking and a bit sour, the service was very quick and smooth.

We went at lunchtime, but the menu is very varied and also suitable for breakfast, brunch or snack. Everything is offered, from all-day breakfasts and pancake oodles to sharing platters and open-face sandwiches.

There are many vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options, as well as a children’s menu.

Freya opted for the shakshuka and Ciara for the chorizo ​​hash. Again, the service was quick and we thought the tableware was cute.

Chorizo ​​Hash. Image Credit: Ciara Tait

Ciara thought the chorizo ​​dish had a nice smoky flavor and was very filling. The egg was perfectly cooked and a bit runny. The potatoes were really delicious and crispy, we could have eaten a mountain of them!

Freya thoroughly enjoyed the shakshuka. The tomato sauce was rich, flavorful and full of vegetables. The egg was also well cooked. Portion sizes were perfect and we were both very satisfied. Great comfort food and overall clean plates.

Shakshuka. Image Credit: Ciara Tait

the cakes

We all know Vera’s baking is next level so even though we were stuffed we had to buy something sweet to take home.

Freya opted for the gluten-free cannolis (one pistachio and one chocolate) and Ciara chose a Viennese cookie.

Gluten free cannoli. Image Credit: Ciara Tait

The cannolis were a wonderful treat, it was nice to see a gluten free option that was a little different. The outer shell was crunchy and sweet, but was balanced by the pistachio and dark chocolate flavors.

The Viennese cookie was not too sweet, with a delicious glaze and jam to add tartness. The cookie was buttery and soft.

Viennese cookie. Image Credit: Ciara Tait

Would we recommend it?

Absolutely. If you are a fan of Vera’s bakery you must see the new kitchen.

The food and staff are wonderful, and we thought everything was reasonably priced. For two coffees, two main meals and three sweets, our total came to just under £30.

The new kitchen is located at 51 King Street in Stirling city center and is open Monday to Saturday from 9am to 4.30pm
and 10 am to 4 pm on Sundays. The bakery on Barnton Street will remain open as usual.

See their website for more details.

Featured Image Credit: Ciara Tait

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