Ultimate Fall Clutter Checklist for Lazy People (Like Me)

So here’s the thing: I’ve been on a cleanup mission for a while now in my little house near Tyler, Texas.

Many of us are in East Texas. In fact, decluttering has re-entered the “trend” conversation ever since Marie Kondo invited all of us to keep only the items in our homes that “spark joy.” I agree with that.

Even if you’re not familiar with Kondo, or don’t necessarily want to get rid of all the peripherals, chances are there are still plenty of “stuff” in your house that not only don’t spark joy but can ignite fires of frustration for you every time. trying to open that drawer or need to find something in that overcrowded closet of yours.

Here’s a list of a few things, listed by room, that are obviously ready to leave your house in peace:

Douglas Sheppard, Unsplash

Douglas Sheppard, Unsplash


Plastic storage items with their lids off, appliances that don’t work, expired food (including pantry items), cookbooks you haven’t seen in ten years, chipped plates and glasses, warped spatulas, etc.


Vadim SherbaUnsplash

Vadim SherbaUnsplash

Old address labels you’ll never use since 2019, outdated software, random keys, expired coupons, pens and markers you like, don’t write, old magazines or books you haven’t looked at in ten years, old chargers going to devices you don’t even have anymore you use.


Torn towels and bath mats, old nail polish or makeup, expired toiletries, a perfume you now hate the smell of, dirty or broken toothbrushes, expired medications. (Dispose of these safely, please do not flush them down the toilet.)


Clothes you haven’t worn in over a year, unmatched earrings or broken jewelry (unless it’s gold or silver and you’re taking it somewhere, TAKE IT), old and outdated purses, all the junk random. in the drawers of your nightstand, old shoeboxes that you were going to find a creative use for.

Playroom for children:

markers and pens that don’t work, broken toys or used coloring books, DVDs that haven’t been watched in over ten years ;), games with missing parts (get a new one if you like it), outdated electronics, books neglected and stuffed animals that your children no longer love. (OMG, that’s so sad.)


Random unused decoration that you were meaning to find a place for, Christmas decorations that you know you’ll never use again, tools that are broken, long-abandoned sports equipment, old paints and chemicals.

Other random stuff lurking:

Old yellowed newspapers that don’t necessarily have sentimental value, those inherited collectibles that you don’t like, long-expired cleaning solutions, vintage batteries from a bygone era.

Get rid of anything expired. “Sentimental” items? Trust me, if you haven’t missed them by this point, you’re not going to start missing them on some random Tuesday in July 2024. Let them go. You will feel much better.

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