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Hear the first performance of the ‘Ishy Bilady’ anthem using sounds from space



Published: Thu 1 Dec 2022, 18:51

Last update: Thu 1 Dec 2022, 18:55

The entire UAE is celebrating its 51st National Day, but some individuals and entities have taken it to another level to show their love for the land they call home.

From a 51-meter-long cake to a national anthem created with space sounds and a performance with the sounds of factory tools, people celebrated the National Day with their unique style and fashion.

‘UAE Space Anthem’

Dubai’s largest bank, Emirates NBD, paid a first-of-its-kind tribute to the country’s drive and ambition towards space exploration with ‘UAE Space Anthem’, which is the first performance of the anthem ‘Ishy Bilady’ using sounds from space. .

Watch the UAE’s ‘space anthem’ at the link below:

The ‘space anthem’ was developed in collaboration with specialist sound engineers and composers, using interstellar sounds, including those of the planets, their moons, pulsars, asteroids and rovers, among others, all combined to create a rendition of the highly revered ‘Ishy. Bilady’.

51 meter long cake

Sharjah-based law firm YAB Legal Services celebrated National Day by preparing and cutting a giant 51 meter long cake.

Sheikh Abdul Aziz Humaid Saqer Al Qasimi, a member of Sharjah’s ruling family; Salam Pappinissery, CEO of Yab Legal Services; Tamad Hamad Abu Shihab, member of the Federal National Council; Ali Saeed Al Ka’abi, former adviser to the Dubai Executive Council; Ing. Alia Alkindi, interim director of the Office of Speakers of the Federal National Council; Adv. Mohamed Abdul Rahman Al Suwaidi; and members of the Kerala World Assembly attended the cake cutting ceremony to celebrate the National Day.

“Such a celebration is a sign of respect and love for the United Arab Emirates, which the expatriate community regards as the homeland. This is the first time in the United Arab Emirates that a law firm has prepared such a large cake on the occasion of the National Day celebration,” said Salam Pappinissery.

Dh10k Award for the best flag painting on the face.

Dubai-based financial consultancy Century Financial marked National Day under the #UAEIsMyHome campaign, inviting participants to paint the flags of their country and the UAE on each side of their faces to celebrate the spirit of the nation embracing the expatriates from countries all over the world.

More than 1,000 entrants took part to show their love for the country and the winner received a cash prize of Dh10,000.

In addition, its 70 employees also planted 100 Ghaf trees with their name tags to express gratitude and love for the country.


National Anthem with factory tools

Employees of the United Arab Emirates-based company Euwin also celebrated the 51st National Day in a unique style. All company personnel, including workers, participated in unique concepts to play the national anthem -not with musical instruments- with their factory tools, which they use in their daily work routine.

Check out this unique concept used for the first time in the United Arab Emirates in the video below.

This video shows how everyone comes together to make the UAE a more beautiful place together.

The sister of renowned musician AR Rahman, AR Reihana, was also part of the campaign. UAE-based artist Jahanzeb Mughal directed the video.

It took the team nearly a month to make the video, and 15 workers were trained to play the national anthem using their tools.

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