Tribeca Citizen | Shop-Local Gift Guide 2022: Great Food

Even people who have everything have to eat. And this is a collection of real and rare goodies.

145 Hudson at Hubert/Beach
••• The baked goods at Interlude are original and delicious, and that goes for these Toasted Krispie Bunches. $14
••• Hand hammered coffee cans are works of art and have a special insert that expels air as it slides into place. In four sizes. $195 – $335

211 West Broadway in Franklin
••• Elisa Marshall and Benjamin Sormonte’s cookbook is good enough to eat (get it?). $35
••• The store sells its signature blue floral linens in association with Sarah Flint. The set of four placemats is $165.

179 Duane in Greenwich / Staples
••• Nothing more elegant than a box of chocolate leaves. $34.
••• Send half a dozen ringtones to your favourites. $32.

Tribecan and chef Cricket Azima opened Cricket’s Candy Creations in Hudson during the pandemic, a place where kids can make all kinds of edible crafts. This season, she’s selling them as take-home kits: sushi candy, edible slime, edible finger paint, and candy jewelry. Reserve here. $40

184 Duane in Greenwich
••• LM has boxes ready to put together a gift for the coffee lover, just add a ribbon. $17 for whole bean coffee; $11 for loose tea

It’s the season for… panettone, a rich Italian bread made with eggs, fruit and butter and usually eaten at Christmas. And if you want the Latin root, it’s from panetto for ‘pie’, a diminutive of panel for ‘bread’ from the Latin panis. $30

145 West Broadway at Thomas
••• For that classic Tribeca vibe: the iconic drop-top sugar globe is stainless steel. $45

••• Of course, there’s cake, by mail. $65
••• Pair with a Bubby’s Brunch Recipe Book. $30

Houseman’s Fruitcakes are back for their eighth Christmas, filled with candied oranges and ginger, walnuts and boozy cherries and completely drenched in rum. They come packed in a fancy tin and weigh almost two pounds. They make a very limited amount; Book before December 20 to arrive before Christmas. $60

396 Broadway at the Walker Hotel
••• I have to admit, I love their brand name items and color scheme: the Fellow mug (left) with splash guard for frozen drinks, $35
••• And for your hiking friends, make your mornings on the trail more enjoyable with an instant espresso. $25

John Donohue, who draws “every restaurant” as charming pen-and-ink sketches, has added more Tribeca restaurants to his collection. Read and shop on his website here.

Many of the local restaurants have great Ts and tapas, including Bubby’s, Puffy’s, Khe-Yo, Grand Banks, Frenchette Bakery, Odeon, and Crown Shy. It may not taste as good as a meal away from home, but it’s still compatible with your favorite hotspot.

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