This is where you can meet actor Eric Roberts in NJ this December

Actor Eric Roberts is coming to New Jersey on December 17 for an autograph signing just in time to get the perfect gift for the biggest fan.

The Horror Sideshow Christmas Flea Market will bring Eric to the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center in Edison for their event.

If the name Eric Roberts sounds familiar, it’s because he’s the brother of actress Julia Roberts and the father of actress Emma Roberts.

If you know who Eric is, you know that he is known for his roles in “Runaway Train,” “The Pope of Greenwich Village,” “The Dark Knight,” and “Best of the Best.”

But honestly, what hasn’t he starred in? His IMDB page has 702 acting credits, 15 of which are currently in pre-production, 21 are currently being filmed, and 47 are in post-production.

So get ready to see Eric Robert’s face on the big screen more often.

eBay and GBK Brand Bar Pre-Oscar Luxury Lounge

Getty Images for the GBK branded bar

This is Horror Sideshow Flea Market’s first appearance at the NJ Convention and Expo Center, but the company is no stranger to the Edison area.

The owners also run the New Jersey Horror Con and Film Festival, which started in Edison before moving to Atlantic City a few years ago.

But now they’re bringing Horror Con back to Central Jersey in August 2023.

As for his Holiday Flea Market, which focuses more on vendors than celebrity guests, Eric Roberts isn’t the only one showing up.

“Home Alone” and “Behind the Mask” actress Angela Goethals and “A Nightmare of Elm Street 3” actress Jennifer Rubin will also sign and meet and greet fans.

There is also a photo shoot with The Grinch and The Krampus of Langhorne. It is a HORROR flea market after all.

You can buy Horror Sideshow Holiday Flea Market tickets on their website or you can buy them at the door. The event is on December 17 from 10 am to 5 pm

For more information, click here.

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