These editor-loved measuring spoons are $15 on Amazon

You know when you buy something because you’re convinced it’s going to be the best purchase of your life, but you never actually use it? The exact opposite happened with these magnetic measuring spoons.

I had been shuffling around my kitchen, baking cakes and cooking my favorite soups and chilis with my usual and beloved by professionals measuring spoons. They were stainless steel and held together on a key ring, much like the ones used by Ina Garten and other chefs. I don’t quite know how, but I ended up losing them. Days later, a random box from Amazon arrived at my doorstep with a brand new magnetic set inside, which I later learned my mom kindly chose. And so, she never wanted to put that old stainless steel back.


To buy: YellRin Magnetic Measuring Spoon Set, $15 at

Truth be told, this set has performed better than the pro-approved one before. They’re also stainless steel, which means they won’t rust and won’t absorb the smell of any ingredients. However, what sets them apart is that they are double ended and color coded.

The clever double-ended design for each measure makes it easy to go from measuring a wet ingredient like vanilla or honey to a dry ingredient like cinnamon without having to clean up in between. Also, one end of the measuring spoon is rounded, while the other is tapered, which means it can easily work its way into the different openings in the bowl.

Each measurement (⅛ teaspoon, ¼ teaspoon, ½ teaspoon, ¾ teaspoon, 1 teaspoon, ½ tablespoon, and 1 tablespoon) has a different colored label (which also shows the measurement in milliliters). This has been such an amazing benefit for me. So long are the days when you had to pull each teaspoon around your key ring and look closely at the measurement labels that would mix right into the stainless steel. Now I’m so familiar with this game that I don’t even read the label. I know which color represents which measurement and I take it quickly.

The game’s magnetic design is also helpful. They stack nicely and hold together well, making storage a breeze. Also, I don’t have to worry about losing any of them.

Amazon buyers agree with me too. “Most convenient measuring spoons I’ve ever used,” wrote one person. Another reviewer said, “I never thought I’d get excited about measuring spoons, but here I am,” adding, “The two different shapes mean they fit in every spice container. Magnets hold them together seamlessly, and the brightly colored plastic ‘tags’ are much easier to read than the numbers etched into the stainless steel.”

This is the perfect set not only for your next holiday baking projects, but year-round as well. Trust me, you probably won’t let them. Get yours for $15 on Amazon.

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