These 2 Retail Marijuana Dispensaries Are Expected To Open In Staten Island

STATEN ISLAND, NY — As part of the 36 retail marijuana dispensary licenses granted to providers in New York State, two have been approved to open on Staten Island.

On Monday, the state’s Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) gave the green light for the opening of 36 cannabis dispensaries, a first step toward legal marijuana businesses operating throughout the Empire State.

“We will send further guidance to our licensees on how they can interact with their retail location. [be]available,” OCM CEO Chris Alexander said after a meeting of the agency’s board of directors on Monday. “We’re going to keep working on it, we’re going to keep going.”

According to the state, granted licenses will need to verify information about the ownership and investors in your business to make sure it complies with the law before opening. Once those details have been worked out, licensees can open their businesses, which includes the delivery of products. Authorities estimate that it will take a few weeks before stores can start selling cannabis products.

“This was a provisional license that was issued, so there are a couple more paperwork that our provisional licensees now need to complete,” Alexander said.

Dispensaries must be owned by equity entrepreneurs with a prior cannabis-related criminal offense, also known as law-involved persons, who also have a history of owning and operating a small business.


According to the state, these are the two retail dispensaries that have received licenses to operate on Staten Island:

  • eastern holdings 88 LLC – This business is owned by Yan Jin Chen and Zu Rong Chen. For eight years, Zu Rong Chen, a justice-related applicant, owned and operated Long Wong Bakery II, Inc., “a bakery serving Brooklyn communities that prepared various types of fresh baked goods from scratch for customers.” ”, depending on the state.
  • SAMJNY Holdings LLC – This business is owned by Mohamed Elgaly and Shlomo Weinstock. For eight years, Mohamed Elgaly, a court-involved applicant, owned and operated Vape Guys LLC, a Staten Island retailer “offering safe and law-compliant smoke vaping products to promote health and entertainment.” ”, depending on the state.

Advance/ could not immediately reach the owners of both companies for more information on the exact locations and when they will open for business.


The licenses will be governed by the two-tier market structure established by the Marijuana Taxation and Regulation Act, signed into law by former Governor Andrew Cuomo in March 2021.

The licensing structure is similar to New York’s alcohol structure in that it separates supply (growing, processing, and distribution) from retail trade.

The regulations state that if an individual operates or invests in a supply-side business, the individual also cannot have any interest in a retail business, creating opportunities, opening the market to more potential players, and establishing a diverse and equitable industry.

All regulations are based on public health best practices, including keeping cannabis products out of the reach of young people, establishing product safety and quality guidelines, outlining employee training standards, and defining safety requirements. business to protect public safety.


Retail dispensary licensing regulations provide specificity to the design of dispensary operations, including all security and personnel requirements.

Retail dispensary licensing regulations also provide dispensary operators with additional authorizations to conduct delivery operations and allow on-site consumption at approved locations.


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