The royal family’s favorite afternoon tea staples, like William and Harry’s ‘chewy’ biscuits

Afternoon tea is a hallmark of British cuisine, and the late Queen is believed to have sat down for the ritual every day during her reign. From scrumptious scones to sweet cakes, every element of a royal afternoon tea is made from scratch by expert chefs in the royal residences.

It’s not an afternoon tea without a scone, and it seems the late Queen Mother held them in high regard.

Former royal pastry chef Fiona Burton said on behalf of Slingo: “The Queen’s Mother liked her scones, so she always had to make them in the morning.

“Sometimes I would ask for some without fruit or with.”

As for the Queen, however, pastries were her favorite item of afternoon tea, while cookies and rusks appealed to the younger generation of royals.

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“It was the most beautiful fruit. I had never seen anything like it in my life. There was always plenty of fresh fruit.”

Prince Harry and Prince William were big fans of “all kinds of biscuits, cookies and chocolate”, according to Ms Burton, and she would make her own recipe for “chewy cookies” for them.

She added: “We knew they were in residence when we would be making more styles of biscuits and biscuits. They liked their afternoon tea.”

Prince William is a famous royal chocoholic, and he requested a special chocolate cookie cake made to a royal recipe for his wedding in 2011.

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King Charles, on the other hand, liked “classical things like cream teas, tarts and fruit.”

Whether the Queen was at home in Windsor or abroad on a royal tour, she was thought to enjoy afternoon tea wherever she was in the world.

And when it came to her favorite mug, the Queen always chose a classic Earl Gray blend.

Former royal chef Darren McGrady previously revealed on behalf of Coffee Friend that the Queen enjoyed a range of different cakes with her afternoon tea.

Darren said: “For afternoon tea there would be a small cake, from a mini chocolate cake to a Queen’s cake, and also large cakes which we would call a cake cut, where the Queen could cut a piece of cake.

“This could be a honey and cream sponge cake, a fruitcake, gingerbread.

“Banana bread, brownie cake – one of her favorites – or a chocolate ganache cake.

“They were served with Earl Gray tea and that was afternoon tea for the Queen every day.”

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