The Oprah of wedding videos


The head of cryptocurrency exchange FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, hopes to start a new business to earn enough money to pay off the victims of the FTX collapse.

Talking at a luxury resort in the Bahamas at the BBCthe 30-year-old former billionaire denies fraud but said he was “not as competent as I thought he was.”

He is due to testify before the US House Committee on Financial Services at a hearing on the crypto exchange’s collapse on Tuesday.

In other news, the discovered tombs of Notre Dame, with two discovered lead sarcophagi buried under the Cathedral’s nave, have begun to reveal their secrets.

Oh, and here are the best memes of 2022.

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The Oprah of wedding videos

Punjabi Vishal

If you find Vishal Punjabi in Mumbai, he’s probably running an errand or two. Point to almost any city on the map and the wedding videographer has been to it. No surprises since he’s been to 80 countries and counting.

did you know He hasn’t been invited to a wedding in 12 years!

Weddings, movie stars and more:

  • Who has seen the world of wedding photography go from cheesy to cool, Vishal has shot over 550 weddings. From Zoho to SuperOps:
  • He joined Red Chillies Entertainment in 2001. This was a time when shaadi the photos and videos were far from what you have today.
  • He received valuable lessons from none other than superstar Shah Rukh Khan, as well as Farah Khan, Bobby Sivan, and a few others in Bollywood.


Inside the SaaS playbook

arvind parthiban is an early-stage startup reinventing the managed service provider space. But co-founder and CEO Arvind Parthiban’s appointment with the SaaS ecosystem began long before he came up with the idea for SuperOps, with decades of experience scaling SaaS products to greater heights.

From Zoho to SuperOps:

  • After graduating from college, Arvind was interviewed at Zoho by none other than Girish Mathrubootham (Freshworks founder and CEO) and landed a job as a pre-sales engineer.
  • In 2014, he left Zoho and launched Zarget, a conversion rate optimization solution for SMBs. Despite an excellent start, the startup faced challenges as it scaled.
  • His entrepreneurial spirit forced him to take the plunge and embark on another adventure. This time it was SuperOps. Initially, Arvind wanted to break into the IT operations management space. But he realized the huge potential of the MSP market.

Start up

Gourmet meal on wheels


Artisan foods have seen phenomenal growth in India in recent years, but these artisans often run small, locally-owned, sustainable businesses to foster innovation. Now, TheGoodFat, a Delhi-based startup, provides them with a platform to showcase and sell their products.

What’s to eat?

  • Co-founded by Uditya Sharma and Radhika Kohli in January 2022, TheGoodFat is a customer-focused marketplace that provides visibility and storage solutions to more than 100 local vendors across India.
  • The startup’s air-conditioned gourmet trucks are stationed at Gurugram and farms around Delhi, where customers can come in and buy their gourmet groceries.
  • It has about 12 categories including bakery, deli, fresh produce, cheese, vegan, keto, baby food, and even pet food.

news update

  • Flying high: Air India, owned by the Tata Group, is close to signing a deal with Boeing to buy up to 150 units of 737 Max, marking the first major order for the planes after the airline’s privatization. Air India is likely to place a firm order for 50 737 Max aircraft with an option to purchase up to 150.
  • Losses in abundance: Brazil posted another disappointing World Cup performance by exiting the tournament in a shock quarterfinal loss on penalties at the hands of Croatia. It is a loss that will endure as they let victory slip through their fingers just before the final whistle.
  • Extended Weekends: The idea of ​​a work week of four days or less is gaining momentum around the world, thanks to the boom in remote work during the pandemic. A recent study by 4 Day Week Global found that employees expressed satisfaction with their overall productivity and performance.

What is the little dot over a lowercase “i” or “j” called?

Answer: A “title”, better known as a superscript point or diacritic point.

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