The most magical Christmas markets in Europe

Celebrate the holidays with mulled wine, ice skating and plenty of local delicacies at these beautiful and festive markets across Europe.

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The Christmas season is one of the most exciting times of the year, and there is nothing like it in Europe. With copious amounts of mulled wine, ice skating galore, and thousands of twinkling lights, these ten spectacular Christmas markets in Europe will put you in a festive mood.

Belfast Christmas Market (Belfast, Northern Ireland)

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If sugar and spices make Christmas enjoyable, this market has everything you need for a festive celebration. With beer tents, carousels, a Santa train and even a huge snow slide, visitors can enjoy more than 100 vendors and experiences from across Ireland. (Open from November 19 to December 22. For more information, visit their website).

Strasbourg in the Grand Est (Alsace, France)



In the oldest Christmas market in France (more than four centuries), Christmas is not a season, it is a feeling. A glow radiates from the 100+ foot tall Christmas tree and the illuminated streets of Strasbourg, highlighting the magic of the season. This market has it all, including Alsatian wine, traditional foods, and endless shopping. (Open from November 25 to December 24. For more information, visit their website).

Noël au Jardin (Geneva, Switzerland)

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One of the most majestic Christmas markets in Switzerland is the Noël au Jardin de Genève. You can browse through the region’s vast collection of artisans to find your perfect Christmas gift, enjoy a delicious meal, including Geneva raclette, which is also known as fondue, or stroll through the park to see all the sparkling Christmas lights. (Open from November 17 to December 23. For more information, visit their website.)

Vörösmarty Square (Budapest, Hungary)

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Evgeniia Biriukova / Alamy Stock Photo

Warm up with a chimney cake, goulash soup or hot tea as you stroll through the streets of Budapest’s biggest and liveliest Christmas market. Alternatively, skate on the rink next to Vajdahunyad Castle for an enchanting winter experience. With stunning views and delicious Hungarian cuisine, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. (For more information, visit their website.)

Hyde Park (London, England)

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Picture Capital / Alamy Stock Photo

Experience a winter wonderland in the heart of London with a variety of attractions, activities, entertainment, food, drink and much more. Whether you like an alcoholic celebration with an ice bar, holiday snacks or ice skating, this market has it all. (Open from November 18 to January 1. For more information, visit their website).

Skansen (Stockholm, Sweden)

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Jeppe Gustafsson / Alamy Stock Photo

For more than a century, the Kansen Christmas Market has delighted visitors with mugs of mulled wine, traditional Swedish treats, and homemade gifts. Warm up around a farm campfire and hear about old Christmas traditions as you enjoy a merry little Christmas. (Open every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from November 25 to December 18. For more information, visit their website.)

Christmas market Gendarmenmarkt (Berlin, Germany)

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Given Daniela/Getty Images

German Christmas markets date back to 1434, and while German cities still reign supreme on the Christmas market scene, the Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market in Berlin is a Christmas treasure. With culinary delights and festive gifts, there’s something for everyone. (Open from November 21 to December 31. For more information visit their website.)

Christmas market in the Plaza Mayor (Madrid, Spain)

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Panther Media GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Madrid’s main square is transformed into a lively Christmas market in the weeks leading up to Christmas, with more than 100 stalls lining the square. Enjoy Christmas lights, nativity scenes, shopping and a smorgasbord of delicious treats. (Open from November 25 to December 31. For more information, visit their website).

Tivoli Gardens (Copenhagen, Denmark)

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Take a walk through Tivoli Gardens and marvel at the thousands of Christmas lights that twinkle like stars as you celebrate the holiday season. Enjoy handmade crafts, gifts and over 1000 beautifully decorated Christmas trees that create the most idyllic Nordic Christmas atmosphere. (Open from November 19 to December 3. For more information, visit their website.)

Market in Piazza Santa Croce (Florence, Italy)

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There is a thriving Christmas market located in Florence’s most famous square, Piazza Santa Croce, which is based on the tradition of German Christmas markets, but with an Italian twist. It’s the season for light-filled stands of German sausages and kraut, as well as Italian cheeses, jams, chocolates and wines! (Open from November 19 to December 18, for more information visit their website.)

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