The indiscriminate dumping of garbage continues

Garbage dumped at the KK Nagar-Panjappur junction in Tiruchi.

Garbage dumped at the KK Nagar-Panjappur junction in Tiruchi. | Photo credit: M. Moorthy

The critters in suburban Tiruchi are finding new places to dump their trash, even as sanitation officials rush to step up policing and fines to combat the threat.

The presence of residential and commercial buildings in suburbs like KK Nagar, Edamalaipattipudur and Panjapur has increased the amount of solid waste generated here in recent years.

Due to strict anti-dumping regulations in downtown areas, many restaurants are dumping their waste along the ring road and sometimes burning it as well to avoid detection.

“At the direction of the Mayor’s and Corporation Commissioner’s offices, we have been monitoring the disposal of illegal waste and fining the culprits on the spot. Apart from this, the videos of the highway police have also helped us to catch them,” said SN Shanmugam, Assistant Commissioner, Zone 4, Tiruchi Corporation. the hindu.

But the Corporation’s sanitation crews are struggling to effectively control tracts of land along ring roads, activists said.

As a result, garbage dumps have sprung up on land which is clearly marked with boards as ‘Defense Land’, on the stretch between KK Nagar and Panjapur. The warnings against illegal trespassing and the threat of strict measures against dumpers have clearly not had an impact.

The parcels present a sorry picture as the remains of a vehicle struck by an accident have added to the piles of solid waste dumped around the signs. Further down, cattle and stray dogs can be seen grazing on the rubbish.

“We have reduced the garbage within the KK Nagar section by installing green nets and also assigning staff to monitor illegal dumping, but the land leading to the Madurai highway [where the Defence Ministry plots are located] it is not under our control. We have notified the nearby Army camp and National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) officials about this issue as it is becoming more rampant by the day,” said a senior Corporation sanitation official.

The official added that despite almost Rs 5,500 being collected in the last three days as fines from the garbage collectors, many people continued to defy the rules.

“We have seen people throwing away their rubbish while riding their two-wheelers on the road, especially at night. We recently pulled over the driver of a bakery minivan who was trying to unload stale produce at the roadside. Some owners in the area also bring their household garbage here, ”he said.

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