The delicious but strange aroma that drives boys crazy

Before you go out hoping to meet someone, you probably do a few things to increase your sex appeal in an effort to learn how to turn them on.

You put on the right clothes, choose the most flattering hairstyle, put on your makeup, and choose a certain perfume or spray to use.

But are you making the right decision if your goal is to choose the sexiest scent that attracts men? There are many scents that are considered “sexy.” When it comes to men’s colognes and body sprays, they’re all about selling the idea that their spray will make women instantly attracted to them.

Now, of course, we all know that women don’t turn into rabid animals over a scent, the same as men, but it doesn’t help turn people’s heads.

This is the delicious but strange scent that drives men crazy, according to research:

It turns out that pumpkin pie is an aphrodisiac! We smell it this time of year, but it may be responsible for increasing your sex appeal.

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According to The Real Science Of Sex Appeal, if you are a lady looking to get lucky with a man, you must smell like pumpkin pie. Author Alan Hirsch had 31 men smell 46 different scents and then measured the increase in penile discharge. Pumpkin pie was the winner by increasing your blood flow by 40 percent.

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