The Costco Dessert You Probably Shouldn’t Buy For Thanksgiving — Shoppers Called It ‘Disappointing’

As Thanksgiving approaches, you may be planning a trip to Costco’s dessert section for a treat after the big holiday meal. According to some Costco fans, it’s best to avoid the store’s Junior Mini Cheesecakes, as they take to social media to complain about (and explain why they’re avoiding) the product. Some even went so far as to describe the pies as a “disappointment” and a “waste of money”. So what’s not to love about seemingly delicious mini cheesecakes?

Why Costco Fans Criticize Junior’s Mini Cheesecakes

According to some shoppers, you’d be better off sticking to Kirkland’s pumpkin pie or the white chocolate cocoa bombs found at Costco. The popular Instagram account @costcobuys recently posted a video of Junior’s Mini Cheesecakes in a Costco freezer section to announce that they were now available in stores, and commenters were quick to share their negative experiences with the dessert.

The product, which comes in a frozen box, includes 24 mini cheesecakes from beloved New York City brand Junior’s, including the “original” flavor and two other options: chocolate swirl or strawberry. The main drawback to buying these, as customers wrote in the comments, was that they came without a crust, which is a great adjustment for cheesecake lovers who are used to a golden crust on their favorite pie.

“No one gets this! I love cheesecake and these were a huge disappointment. Not good at all,” wrote one Costco customer as another chimed in: “Not the same without the crust! Someone else responded: “Okay! I LOVE CHEESECAKE and it was definitely a disappointment! I threw it all away! Another user commented: “These were not good. Pasty, and it tasted really boring to all of them.” There weren’t many comments in favor of the cakes, either, perhaps making wary shoppers more likely to try a highly-reviewed Costco dessert for the upcoming holiday.

As reported by eat this not that, IG account @snackbetch first found a 24-pack at Costco in March, and even then, reactions to the dessert varied. One user warned other shoppers: “WARNING…these do not have GRAHAM CRUST CRUST, if you are like me expecting that combination you will be disappointed, I had these at home and opened them only to find out it was too late.”

Well, we guess there’s always a freshly baked (and acclaimed) pecan pie or pumpkin-flavored cheesecake to take home from Costco!

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