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PParents have many things in common, but the most universal is the love they have for their pets. That’s why when Dan Dye and Mark Beckloff noticed that their Great Dane, Gracie, was having trouble with a sensitive stomach, they started making their own treats. That eventually led to the formation of his business, Three Dog Bakery, in 1989, selling wholesome, wholesome treats. As business began to thrive, they opened America’s first dog bakery and expanded their product line to include high-quality pet food, treats, and supplies.

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“Three Dog Bakery’s innovation is unmatched,” says Ally Homa, director of marketing for the bakery division. “These are not your average dog biscuits. Three Dog Bakery creates treats with high-quality ingredients and incredible aromas that invoke nostalgia in our customers. Take a look at our Lick’n Crunch, Puppy Butters, and Double Rewards, for example. Also, we are creating beautiful cakes, puppies and more that are impossible to resist!”

Focusing on four-legged customers

As its customer base grows, Three Dog Bakery continues to keep up with new trends, including humanization, which Homa says has been growing in the pet space for years.

“The days of the ‘dog house’ are over and pups are family,” she says. “The bond between humans and their dogs is what makes Three Dog Bakery successful because customers are committed to providing the best for their dogs. They’re celebrating birthdays and Gotcha Days, Graduation Days and everything in between. Our passionate franchisees reinforce our commitment to bring the best to our four-legged customers. They are excited to visit us because they are pampered from the moment they walk in the door, making it a special occasion every time they visit our bakeries.”

That focus on the customer experience, both two-legged and four-legged, has paid off as the company nears the opening of its 50th bakery.

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One of their newer bakeries is in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, which opened in August. Later in 2022, the company will open its first New York location at Bellmore, followed by locations in Amarillo, Texas, and a second location in Houston.

“The future for Three Dog looks like innovation and growth,” says Homa. “As our innovation team and pastry chefs continue to create amazing new products to wow our customers – both two-legged and four-legged – we will expand our footprint by opening more bakeries across the country with passionate dog owners and providing them with the better. We think the future looks bright!”

Even with success, Three Dog Bakery still values ​​customer feedback.

“Our two-legged customers are constantly sharing (feedback) with us,” says Homa. “They share photos of their dogs devouring their cakes or cookies. Let us know when a food recommendation made a difference for your pet. We hear all the time how the products we provide made your pups so happy. They also hold us to the highest standard, which keeps us committed to creating the highest quality products for your dogs. Our four-legged customers tell us everything we need to know with full body movements and wagging tails the moment they walk through the door! The wet kisses and hugs are an added bonus.”

delights to try

For any new customer, Homa has some suggestions on what to try first.

“One of our best sellers is our Lick’n Crunch, our sandwich cookie, which comes in a variety of flavors. It’s nostalgic for our customers and tasty for pups! They can choose between vanilla and cream, vanilla and peanut butter, carob and peanut butter. As one of our flagship products, it’s available at every bakery, as well as retail stores like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Chewy’s, and more. They are quite special in bakeries where we often dip them in yogurt and decorate them to create fun and festive creations for each season. They are the gift that keeps on giving!

“A best-selling unique bakery item would be our Blueberry Muffins. These are vanilla flavored soft baked cookies baked with real blueberry chunks. They smell fantastic and are flying off pup shelves at bakery markets across the country!”

As if customers needed another incentive to buy a treat for their dogs, Three Dog Bakery donates to animal shelters.

“We believe that every dog ​​deserves to live a life surrounded by love,” says Homa. “The work we do in our community to support rescues and the work they do for homeless pets is very important to us. Events like Dogust, Adopt Love, The Food Drive and more allow us to partner with our customers to give back to these organizations that are on the ground advocating daily efforts to find homes for dogs seeking unconditional loving families. the same way they love us.”

And if a fan wants to become a franchisee, Homa says they can apply.

“We are always looking for entrepreneurial minded people with a passion for dogs to open new locations across the country,” she says. “Anyone interested in opening a Three Dog Bakery can visit” bp

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