The author tries to convey the message in the first book

Current town/city of residence: racine

Racine County Connection: I am a native of Racine.

Occupation: Baker at O&H Bakery

Book title and publisher: “Guide”, self-published.

Book Synopsis: Who doesn’t need a guiding hand in this life or the next?

Phiona Audie, aka Ripley, has her whole life ahead of her, or so she thinks. She is about to enter university, starts a relationship and experiences her first concert at Summerfest. But before all the fun, Ripley and her friends take a quick detour to eat at her favorite cafe, but this stop triggers a chain of events and brings everything to a halt. Because one minute Ripley’s alive and the next she’s not.

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Ripley soon finds herself in the afterlife with four others who call themselves guides: the departed who guide murdered and suicidal souls, and to her surprise, she is the new apprentice. Ripley must learn how to become a guide, but she loses her first assigned soul. Her group sets off to fix Ripley’s mishap, but along the way they create a ripple effect that uncovers a number of secrets, including the fact that Ripley’s death may not have been an accident after all. an accident.

Is this your first book?: Yes.

Why did you write the book?: The reason I wrote this book is because I love creating new worlds and characters that readers get involved in. I really want to tell stories that readers go deeper into my themes and reflect on the message I’m trying to get across. Reading is such a wonderful experience because you are literally taken out of reality and into the mind of the writer.

How long did it take you to write the book?: “Guide” has taken me over 15 years to write. The reason for this is that he had imposter syndrome and continually heard the word “no.” I stopped for a while and felt defeated, but it wasn’t until last year that I kicked my ass and learned how to self-publish. It’s been a long and tiring road but I did it, others may tell me “no” but I wanted to look back and say “yes I did it, I did achieve my lifelong dream of publishing my book”.

How did you get interested in writing? I have been interested in writing since elementary school and have never looked back ever since. I have notebooks, journals, and even pieces of paper with ideas jotted down. I have so many stories floating through my head that it’s hard to focus on what inspires me to write next. Writing allows me to escape into my fictional worlds and bring to life characters that I really care about.

Where is the book available to buy?: Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Search for “Guide” by Gina Treviño.

Is the book available in the library?: I am in the process of taking my book to the library.

Instagram: I have Instagram @ginamidala where I post my illustrations and cosplays of my favorite character of all time, Padmé Amidala from “Star Wars”.

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