The Ancoats Bakery serves school dinner style cake with custard

Remember the school days of mixing slabs of sponges with custard and counting your pennies to buy a cornflake pie at recess? Well, a new bakery is serving up these old-school favorites to the people of Manchester alongside a variety of sensationally sweet creations.

Credit: Little Blonde Bakes

Bury-born Bakery (now that’s a tongue twister), petite blonde bakes, has recently branched out of the Greater Manchester borough to take over the city by opening a bakery on the former site of Lazy Tony’s in Ancoats. Serving up nostalgic pies and a massive menu (and servings) of indulgent sweet treats, you’ll find classic pies as well as millionaire crepes, milkshakes, ice cream sundaes and more, all available for takeout, pickup, or delivery through UberEats.

Located on Radium street, you can order brownies and blondies in decadent flavors like Bakewell Cherry, Cadbury Caramel and Rolo, Nutella and Biscoff cookie dough and white chocolate. As for the cookie fans, they may enjoy biscuits filled with Nutella or Kinder, as well as eating hot Smarties or Biscoff and white chocolate cookie dough straight out of the tub and topped with ice cream.

Little Blonde Bakes lets customers bake on time and get a sweet (literally) hit of nostalgia with the bakery’s winter warmers. Choose from the likes of old school cake with sprinkles, cherry slice Bakewell or cornflake tart all served with a pot of hot or cold water lactose. Or for a twist on the classic, Ancoats Bakery also serves old-school chocolate cake with mint green custard.

Launched by baker Francesca Harrison, who has been baking for six years, Little Blonde Bakes started at home, before moving to open a cafe with her mother Jayne in Bury. The couple first launched their cake business in 2016, selling personalized cakes, cupcakes and blondies from their kitchen at home, before opening their own site in Bury.

Credit: Little Blonde Bakes

In an Instagram post, Little Blonde Bakes commented on the Ancoats opening saying: “When an opportunity this good comes along you just have to take the damn risk…manchester people ARE YOU READY…so excited for this next chapter”. … we’ve been quiet for so long and now it’s time to level up… Don’t worry darling, our Bury store is here to stay… this is just another location.”

Find Little Blonde Bakes at 23 Radium Street, M4 6AY and 62 Sunnybank Road, Bury, BL9 8HJ.

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