The 6 Best Supermarket Chain Bakeries

When in doubt, head to your local grocery store for that last-minute birthday cake. Supermarkets with in-store bakeries are becoming increasingly popular as customers turn to delicacies for impulse purchases, according to a report by FMI, the Food Industry Association. About 95% of consumers go to their grocery store bakery at least occasionally, and 63% do so weekly, according to the report.

Sales of muffins, cupcakes and cookies increased in 2022, with cakes and cookies being the top sellers, according to IMF. Food Business News reported earlier this month that as inflation continues to ravage the country, consumers have also turned to bread and rolls in the fresh bakery aisle to cut costs.

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If the idea of ​​convenient, freshly baked snacks sounds good to you, check out this list of supermarket chains sure to satisfy your cravings.

exterior publix
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Publix isn’t just known for its amazingly good sandwiches. The Florida-based chain’s in-house bakery section has received rave reviews from customers for its classic cakes and more decadent cake flavors such as chocolate, red velvet, and carrot. Food52 named the grocery store bakery one of the best in the country, while also advocating for its health bar cookies that kids can grab for free at the counter. One of their signature desserts is the fruit-filled derby cake.

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Cosco took the top spot for Best Grocery Store Bakery in a recent Mashed survey. Considering the warehouse giant’s iconic All-American chocolate cake that was recently turned into a cupcake, it’s easy to understand why. The bakery has amassed something of a cult following for everything from cherry and cheese pies to its massive pumpkin pie.

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Safeway not only offers artisan breads, donuts and bagels, but also offers a wide selection of gluten-free baked goods. The international chain is best known for its decorated cakes, which one professional baker declared light and fluffy with an “unmatched” texture. Many Safeway customers even took their wedding cake from the bakery, which one reviewer described as “beautiful, delicious and an incredible value.”

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Whole Foods shoppers tend to prefer the brand’s chocolate, carrot, and berry rash Chantilly cakes, according to a Reddit thread. The bakery offers a wide variety of vegan and gluten-free options, as Whole Foods has been known to offer more health-conscious desserts. As a result, prices for store cakes can be a bit more expensive.

walmart exteriors
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Walmart offers a variety of cookies, cupcakes, cakes, pies, cheesecakes, and just about any other type of baked goods you can think of. The world’s largest retailer explained that its desserts are tested over and over again by various test panels to ensure quality. As evident in Walmart bakery reviews, customers particularly enjoy the supermarket’s whole sheet cakes with anything from buttercream frosting to a powerful strawberry filling. Walmart’s pumpkin pie also won a blue ribbon at the American Pie Council’s National Pie Championships.

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Wegmans is famous for its mini chocolate chip cookies, so much so that several fans have created copycat recipes. (Kids can even grab a free fresh-baked cookie!) The regional grocery store has supporting reviews on Tripadvisor, and several customers like its Marco Polo bread (also known as tiger bread). In addition to its healthier, gluten-free whole wheat bakery items, Wegmans also offers some downright awesome donuts.

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