Tavush-based family business success: from home to guest house to small winery

YEREVAN, NOVEMBER 19, ARMENPRESS. Tavush nature and warm family welcome are the calling cards of the Berkri Guest House in Yenokavan; Numerous guests from all over the world come here.

The son of the Avetisyan family, Davit, decided to turn his home into a guest house. In 2018 he started construction, added rooms, built an open cafe and made the house a nice place for guests. The whole family works here; everyone has their contribution and role.

For the fourth year Davit dominates the winery; Berkri wines will soon be on sale in specialized stores. He first shows the guests the winery, tells the history of the wine, the method of preparation and, lastly, organizes a tasting.

Berkri is one of the beneficiaries of the “Agricultural Tourism Development Program” organized by Acba Bank and the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU). Thanks to the provided grant, the family opened a bakery, renovated, bought new furniture and began the hustle and bustle of work.

“When our friends and family visited Armenia, or simply our region, they always ate at our house; they stayed at our house in groups of 10-20 people. They said: your food is good, you are very welcoming. It was then that we decided to start a family business. There was a time when we had to add several rooms, we had two and needed two more, but we didn’t have the funds. We received support from the Acba Federation, added a bakery steeped in Tavush culture, where we now hold master classes, and furnished everything. Thanks to the investments we were able to double our finances,” said Davit Avetisyan.

Berkri also organizes master classes in flatbread baking, upholstery and rug weaving, excursions and trips to local historical and cultural sites for guests.

Berkri Guest House is located in the village of Yenokavan, in the Tavush region.

Acba Federation is the only major participant in Acba Bank with an 83.8 percent stake in the bank’s shares. Thanks to its participation in Banco Acba, the Acba Federation contributes to the development of agriculture, small and medium-sized enterprises in rural areas, the development of communities, the revitalization and development of the business environment in rural areas and communities, and the growth of well-being. of any person who carries out business activities in these areas.

More details in the video.

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