Tannie Poppie’s cake has fallen into the sink!

Naomi Etson, daughter of pancake queen Tannie Poppie, placed her first orders for pancakes this past weekend.

Naomi Etson, daughter of pancake queen Tannie Poppie, placed her first orders for pancakes this past weekend.

“I’m Aunt Poppie Roosterkoek’s daughter.”

Naomi Etson, the 27-year-old daughter of Tannie Poppie van As, Laingsburg’s famous toaster pastry chef, proudly introduces herself.

Etson currently lives in Macassar and is going to set up his own griddle cake business and keep the secret dough recipe alive on local soil.

After baking toasties with her famous mom for years, she decided to make her own toasties.

“I was pregnant with my eldest son when my mother started baking bread in Laingsburg in 2010. At that time he baked bread in outdoor ovens. Then he started making baked bread for Uncle Piet Geldenhuys and then moved away,” recalls Etson.

When she found out she was pregnant at the time, she decided not to go back to school and instead went to work with her mother at the position.

“I was very shy, because my schoolmates passed by here and I was standing next to the N1 selling products from my mother’s stall with her. My mother used to walk across the Buffalo River Bridge to the post every day, and that’s how it started. I learned a lot from her. The cycling community discovered my mother and she became very popular.”

She tells how her mother also had a dream of going abroad and it came true when she went to Italy, all thanks to her grilled pies.

“Grilled pies brought my mother so far, and that’s why I decided when I moved to Macassar earlier this year to start with grilled pies, because I was recently married and had a job at a chain store. well known, but this did not work for me, because I had to start with this’ trip‘,” she says.

For the time being, Etson will be operating her griddle cake business from her home and customers will (for the time being) have to pick up the griddle cakes themselves at her house until she gets her own transport.

“It’s like my mom always says, ‘Keep going, shut up and look ahead.’ My mother taught me to never back down in front of people. If you can do something, try it. Don’t just give up.”

She says that her husband is the only one in the household of eight who works and has decided that he also wants to contribute to the household finances.

“My mother believes that if you have a grill and you have charcoal, then you can make pies on the grill.

“That’s why last week I decided to advertise on the social media pages in Helderberg about my new business and that I am Auntie Poppie Rooseterkoek’s daughter.”

He has now received several orders and is looking forward to getting the business off the ground.

“I’m going to learn to crawl before I can walk. But I want to create a better life for my children, like my mother did for me,” she says.

She dreams big and still wants to grill pies with her mom in Macassar.

“For the moment I want to set up a ‘gazebo’ in front of my house, where I can make grilled cakes so that people can see how I make grilled cakes. I want to work in front of the house where people can see me so that people know about me. My business will be known as Tannie Poppie’s Grilled Pies. made byAmy. Everyone in Laingsburg at the time knew me as ‘Crazy Amy’ because she talked so much!” what If you would like to order with Naomi’s new grill business, you can call her on 065 650 9374.

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