Taking a look at Chuck’s: Old Favorite Gets a New Take on Food, Family | News

RUSH Chuck’s on 60 is a family restaurant in more ways than one.

First, the food is in the house: hamburgers, chicken, hot dogs, onion rings.

Second, there is a children’s menu.

Third, inspiration. That comes from owner Keith Watts’ grandfather, Charles Vanover, to whom the restaurant honors. Watts calls him the greatest man that ever lived.

“Chuck was the best father, grandfather, great-grandfather, friend, and anything else you can imagine,” Watts writes on the restaurant’s Facebook page. “But if you’re one of the lucky ones, you only knew him as dad. Dad loved spending his days at Rosie’s, which now bears his well-deserved name.”

Watts, who said he lives about 8 miles from the restaurant, said he is renting the building where his grandparents brought him on Sundays and where he brought his own children.

“It’s always been a family thing,” he said. “It’s always about the good food, but it’s also about making memories. We’re trying to be a place where families can sit down, eat and make memories.”

Time has changed the situation, but not the feelings.

“We never realized how much this place really meant to us until it disappeared, and so did they,” Watts said. “Our family has always had the running joke of opening a restaurant and bakery for years and we can’t imagine a better place to turn that into a reality.”

For now, Chuck’s is open from 4 to 9 p.m. daily, but Watts said he’s looking to hire two more cooks so they can open for breakfast and lunch.

While Watts has no food service experience, her daughter, Victoria Castle, has worked in food service for years, and her daughter-in-law, Samantha Watts, was the general manager of RJ Kahuna’s and The Winchester.

“We wanted to do this for a long time and also for the girls because they both have kids and it’s hard for them to work full time and support the family and take care of the kids,” Watts said, noting she collaborates, doing “a little bit of everything.” when called to do so.

The women operate Baked and Brewed at the restaurant, a bakery that provides desserts for Chuck’s and also makes items for sale and caters events.

“The cherry pie, peanut butter pie and apple pie have been my best sellers so far, and they’re also my favorite,” Watts said.

While many menu items will look familiar, there may be some unusual names.

For example, there’s the Cordon Bleu Mac, which Watts said is a spicier mac and cheese with ham and chicken and a bit of blue cheese on the pasta. Among the appetizers are mushrooms with a honey mustard sauce reminiscent of those on the menu at CR Thomas in Ironton and Ashland.

Several items have catchy names, such as cow burgers (cheeseburgers) and Say Cheese Please on the kids’ menu and Our of this World and The Hangry on the burger menu.

“We want it to be fun. That’s why we have the names that we have,” Watts explained.

The plan, he said, is to start offering specials after Thanksgiving and expand hours once staffing is complete.

“Rosie’s was more than a restaurant for us for generations,” Watts said. “It was happiness, memories and love. Our greatest hope for Chuck’s is that we can be exactly that to everyone who walks through our doors.”

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