Takeout critic finds beautiful wings and juicy sandwiches at Soul Wingz

Soul Wingza black-owned soul food takeout place, it has operated near Howard University since April 2022. Owners Antonio Holmón Y Menyana Williams began the concept in 2008, operating as an area-wide pop-up restaurant before purchasing a food truck in 2016. The D.C. natives won a lot of business after regularly visiting the Howard campus, eventually deciding to make the corner of Harvard Street and Georgia. Avenue NW, the home of his first store. They plan to open a second location in Pentagon City Mall in early 2023.

The restaurant plays old-school R&B music, which can be heard when walking nearby (and might attract potential customers). The interior walls are red with black trim and a handful of bar chairs for dining near the front window with flashing lights. A display fridge by the counter stocks desserts and bottled drinks. There are large laminated menus on the counter for customers to order at the register, and an open kitchen is visible behind the cashier.

At first, the music drew me into the restaurant, but the smell of fried chicken made me stay longer. It’s not that “fast food fried chicken” smell either, I’m talking good, homemade. The sounds and smells reminded me of stopping by a family member’s house for dinner on vacation. Customers were coming in and out of the restaurant, having lively conversations with the owners and me, and engaging with the food. From those signs, I knew I was getting a home cooked meal.

Soul Wingz obviously serves up more than just tasty chicken. Think of one of your favorite soul foods, and chances are they have it. The menu is divided between breakfast, “lunch”, “wingz”, “saladz”, “sandwichez”, “drinkz” and “sweetz”. Apart from their desserts, everything is prepared at home and cooked at the moment. They also do not use salt or pepper on any of their dishes. “”The nurse who took care of my mother before she passed away mentioned that salt and sugar are the root of most of our illnesses,” says Williams. She kept that same mindset with the Soul Wingz concept.

Soul Wingz Lemonade Chicken Wings Credit: fernando crystal

Soul Wingz best sellers are, you guessed it, their chicken wings! One customer mentioned that they were the best he had ever had. Choose from thirteen flavors, or mix and match two flavors per order. Available whole or in party portions, the wings are marinated in their signature Soul Seasoning, then seared and tossed with your choice of sauce. They are served in orders of eight, 12 or 16 pieces, a la carte or as a combo with sides and a drink. I tried the most popular flavors (mumbo, jerk, spicy, and soul) and got four of each. The wings are nice and spicy but not choked. Each of the sauces is made from scratch. I love the mumbo flavor, that one deserves to be put on the shelves.

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