Sweet Talk Cafe is coming to Washington Twp!

Sweet Talk Cafe is a new dessert cafe coming to the Whitman Square neighborhood of Washington Township on Black Horse Pike!

The new cafe is owned by Lynsey and Matt DeSimone who live in town!

They will be featuring their amazing gourmet desserts (made right in the store) as well as some delicious coffee from Ocean City Coffee Company!

Sweet Talk Cafe is coming to Washington Township, New Jersey in early 2023! Amazing creations!

Sweet Talk Cafe will be located in the small strip of shops located directly behind Arby’s on Black Horse Pike, just at the Whitman Drive entrance to the Whitman Square neighborhood.

While Sweet Talk Cafe’s fun and eye-catching front sign is up in the new bakery, the couple has just begun interior remodel work to turn the nearly empty space into a dessert and coffee showplace.

They just created their Facebook page! Click LIKE to stay up to date with the latest on Sweet Talk Cafe.

Keep scrolling down and reading to find out more!

Sweet Talk Cafe is coming to Washington Township, New Jersey in early 2023! Black Horse Pike in the Whitman Square neighborhood.

Sweet Talk Cafe – Artistic Dessert Cakes and Baked Goods

It’s interesting how sometimes it seems like the planets can align for good things to happen.

So I follow a few Washington Township Facebook groups and two topics come up regularly in the chats.

  • We need more local bakery cafes in town!
  • I wish more businesses would move “to The Pike!”

And then there are the DeSimones who have also been reading…and forming their own dream of a family bakery to showcase Lynsey’s talents.

Sweet Talk Cafe is coming to Washington Township, New Jersey in early 2023! Dessert cafe and coffee shop!

Lynsey has been in the bakery business her entire life and has created amazing desserts and cakes for the bakeries of a large regional supermarket group…and managed bakeries too! A complete understanding of bakery operations!

While she loves her career and creating new baked goods, she has always been working for someone else.

The time was right for Lynsey (with the help and support of her husband Matt) to put all of her skills in baking amazing desserts and running a bakery business to good use… to start her own coffee shop!

Sweet Talk Coffee!

Sweet Talk Cafe – Artfully Creative Desserts

STOP! So this is where I’m getting away from my original script. I had this post written and just needed to add a few photos.

As I was finishing this article, I took a look at some of Lynsey’s social media accounts to snap a picture of two of her creations… and I was simply blown away.

Lynsey is clearly taking baked goods to another level! She has beautiful cakes and cupcakes that I can’t wait to try…

But what also struck me is that he has a LOT of artistic talent. Everything is created to perfection and the baked goods based on her character are absolutely adorable!

I don’t know what the full plan is for the new bakery… but I can’t wait to see what delicious fun it will have in store!

Incredibly creative! Sweet Talk Cafe is coming to Washington Township, New Jersey in early 2023!

Sweet Talk Cafe – The location and the shop

So now back to the regularly scheduled article…! Say oh!

The couple have been planning this cafe for a few years. Of course, the pandemic slowed everyone down a bit.

And it is also very difficult sometimes to find the right space for your new business. There is a sense of permanence when making the final location decision!

Well, they came up with a perfect location.

The location of the new store is situated along the busy Black Horse Pike, but next to a key residential entrance road (Whitman Drive). Whitman Drive at the Pike also has a stoplight and turn.

The location will really make it easy for customers, neighbors and those who stop by to enjoy an amazing baked dessert or a delicious fresh cup of coffee.

And if you live in the Whitman Square neighborhood, you’ll never have to enter Black Horse Pike to get to Sweet Talk Cafe!

The new Sweet Talk Cafe comes to the Whitman Square section of Washington Twp,

So while many on Facebook will say a very generic “someone should open an X on the pike!”… The DeSimones are really doing it! They are opening an amazing new business on Black Horse Pike! And they’re giving their neighbors what they’ve been asking for!

I’m sure the sign is posted at the cafe, which is a “good sign” (get it?!)…but I chatted with Lynsey yesterday and she tells me they have a lot of work cut out for them…but they have a crew she’s ready to move fast.

Previously, the space was SJ Music…which isn’t actually set up for a bakery!

As part of the interior work, they’ll need to build a kitchen, bathroom, display areas, front lobby seating, and more!

Plus all the decorative touches that will need to be added!

Ocean City Coffee Co.

Sweet Talk Cafe’s new Facebook page made the big announcement this week!

The Sweet Talk Cafe will feature the coffees of Ocean City Coffee Co.!

For those visiting Ocean City NJ, you already know how delicious Jersey Shore City coffee is!

In fact, they roast the coffee at one of their boardwalk locations and will deliver it fresh at Sweet Talk Cafe.

Sweet Talk Cafe will also carry Ocean City Coffee Co. teas and other items!

The next Sweet Talk Cafe in Washington Twp will offer coffee from the famous Ocean City Coffee Co.!

Proud Washington Township

It’s obvious that Lynsey and Matt feel a connection to Washington Twp. Matt grew up here (and Lynsey in a town in Williamstown!), they bought their own house in “Township” years ago, and now they’re opening their business here!

They literally can’t wait to be able to serve the community and beyond with their amazing baked goods and coffee!

They are hoping for an opening in early 2023 and can’t wait for the community to attend the Grand Opening…and then again and again!

Links and Location

Sweet Talk Cafe – Available early 2023
5600 Route 42, Unit 19
Washington Township NJ (Gloucester County)


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