Superior Pair of Pet Replacement Turkeys; Bakery fined for not living up to its name

November 25—Nov. 24, 1947

Monoxide fumes nearly overwhelm a deer hunter

Firefighters with the city’s ambulance team administered oxygen Monday night to Joseph Rochon, 30, of 321 John Avenue, who was partially overwhelmed by car exhaust while returning home from a deer hunting trip with three companions.

The victim was a passenger with Francis Rochon, 608 Banks Avenue, who also had Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spenser, 323 1/2 Cumming Avenue as passengers. Upon review by police and city ambulance personnel, these three were found to have suffered no ill effects from the trip, except that Mrs. Spencer had a slight headache.

The ambulance crew was called to Rochon’s home at 6:08 p.m. where they found Joseph Rochon nearly overwhelmed by monoxide fumes. They took the victim home and gave him pure oxygen for five minutes with the resuscitator before he returned to normal.

November 25, 1952

Eight point bucks shot by hunters

Reports continued to come in Tuesday of deer hunters making do in the woods.

An eight-point male tipping the scales at 230 pounds was ready at 8:30 a.m. Saturday after he was shot by John A. Nelson, Hawthorne. He shot down the animal near his house.

George Williams, 1213 Hammond Ave., also downed an eight-point buck about three miles from Hawthorne on Sunday morning. He weighed 175 pounds.

November 26, 1947

‘Unhygienic’ Sanitary Bakery Operator Receives Sentence

Louis A. Handlovsky, 50, operator of the Sanitary bakery at 1515 N. Fifth Street, was sentenced by Federal Judge Patrick T. Stone to six months in federal prison because his bakery did not live up to its name.

The top baker appeared before Judge Stone in Wausau Tuesday night charged, for the second time, with violation of the pure food and drug law for unsanitary conditions in the bakery he operates.

Six men fined for violating gambling laws

Six upstate hunters paid fines in municipal court Tuesday night and Wednesday morning totaling $124 after they pleaded guilty to charges of violating state hunting laws.

William Borah, 49, WO Doege, 31, and George Lindquist, 44, all of the South Range and Tom Ham, 24, and Richard Lillianberg, 22, both of Hayward, pleaded guilty to one count of carrying a loaded weapon in an automobile. Each man paid a fine of $14. Borah, Doege and Lindquist were arrested in the town of Highland, while Ham and Lillianberg were taken into custody in the town of Wascott.

November 27, 1952

The pets were saved from the ax

Although it would seem that Mr. and Mrs. Turkey are being tempted to prepare them for the dinner plate, it was all a trick. Mrs. Oren Sletten, 6614 John Ave., left, coaxes the two pet birds into a pose as her daughter-in-law, Mrs. George Sletten, 2020 Wisconsin Ave., looks on.

As hundreds of turkeys were being prepared for the holidays in Superior homes, Ma and Pa Turkey, owned by the Slettens, escaped the hatchet. They are being kept to raise a family. Oren Sletten, co-owner of the miniature turkey farm, has made pets of the birds that he said he wouldn’t kill for food if he never tasted turkey again.

In keeping birds, the Slettens had some interesting experiences.

Turkeys were obtained when they were about five days old. Mr. Sletten kept them in the house. This was only possible because his wife was in the hospital at the time. When he got home and saw what was happening, he said she good-naturedly, the turkeys went out into the yard. That was not all.

After caulking several storm windows in the backyard one day, Mr. Sletten went inside the house for a while and when he came back out to the windows, the two gobblers had pecked at all the caulk.

November 28, 1947

Just a registered Thanksgiving baby in town

Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Howes, 512 Weeks Ave., had a special little reason to be thankful Thursday because they were the parents of a son who was born at St. Mary’s Hospital that day.

The couple also had the distinction of having the only baby born in Superior on that day. The child was born at 10:52 am.

Switchman injured in railway mishap

Frank Welter, 25, Maple, a Great Northern railway switchman, sustained an ankle injury Friday morning while working on the upper rail yards.

Attendants at St. Mary’s Hospital called her condition “good” and said her left ankle was caught between two train carriages. X-rays were taken and showed no signs of fracture.

November 28, 1952

Police looking for a lover who took a chair

The police on Friday were looking for a lover.

Maurice Lurye, 1208 Tower Ave., reported that a black and gold loveseat was removed from the back of the store sometime Wednesday afternoon.

He said it was in a large box that had been unloaded at the back of 1208 Tower Ave.

Lurye said the loveseat was a special type and was valued at $95. It was special ordered for a customer, according to Lurye.

Maple hunter shot to death

Eric Luostari of Maple was shot and killed Friday afternoon while hunting deer on Cloverland Road north of Maple, the district attorney’s office said. A bullet that went through his right chest caused his death. He was hunting with John Levampaa at the time, it was reported. Levampaa, it was said, had just shot a deer at the time Luostari was shot. Luostari was reported to be 100 feet beyond the animal.

Articles and images courtesy of retired librarian Judy Aunet of the Superior Public Library.

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