Stroller: Helping Others Go Christmas Shopping

youTHE WORD OF ODAY it’s bauble Example: Shelby filled the box with sparkly decorations wrapped in tissue paper, then closed the box and tied it with a satin ribbon.

WORD OF SUNDAY was below. She means a gathered strip or pleated edge of a skirt or petticoat. Example: Nancy sewed a Mrs. Claus costume with a white apron, ruffled sleeves, fishnet trim, and red and white hem.

christmas shop

This holiday store is special and area residents are asked to help stock it.

At the annual Christmas Shop at Mulberry Creek Nursing and Rehab Center, each resident receives five “Mulberry Bucks” that they can use to purchase five items to give as gifts or keep for themselves. Shopping for some 170 residents will begin at 2 pm on December 16.

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Items popular with residents include:

  • Full size bottles of lotion, shampoo, body wash, hair spray
  • Deodorant, perfume and cologne
  • After shave
  • Blankets
  • Word search books, pens
  • Small wallets, purses
  • Diabetic socks (white)
  • Shelled popcorn, cheese puffs, cracklings, Pringles, honey buns, Little Debbie cakes, mini packs of candy bars, Tootsie Pops bags, gum, nabs, canned drinks

Items can be dropped off in the main office before December 13. Donors are asked to include their names and addresses so residents know who to thank.

For more information, please contact Activities Director Julie Garcia at 276-201-1398 or [email protected]


In (traditionally Gothic) architecture, a gargoyle is a carved or molded shape with a spike, usually in its fanged, open mouth, designed to carry water from a roof and away from the side of a building, to protect mortar from being eroded. .

Many gargoyles have troughs on their backs to collect water. They are long so they can reach past the edge of the building. The word comes from the French “gargouille”, which means “throat” or “throat”, which probably comes from the gurgles the water makes as it passes.

Buildings on Walnut Street between Church Street and Wall Street Alley in uptown Martinsville have gargoyles. However, they would not make good drainpipes, as their mouths are open to spit water onto the roof, not far from the building.

SUNDAY TRIVIA ANSWER: Instant mashed potatoes began during World War II, in the form of pellets, as part of the military’s efforts to prepare and ship easy-to-cook food to soldiers. While they were known for their convenience, they got a bad rap due to their taste. Meanwhile, the USDA Eastern Regional Research Center had been working on food production methods, including for dehydrated potatoes, since the 1930s. Scientists at that center created the flake, which hit the consumer market with a bang. in 1957.

TODAY’S TRIVIA QUESTION: Gargoyles are often called “grotesques,” but what is a true grotesque?

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