St Thomas YouTuber Presents Fifth Christmas Gift

Celia interacts with a boy while handing out toys in 2021.

MORANT BAY, St Thomas — With just days until Christmas, Celia Grant is putting the finishing touches on her annual holiday gift. It will begin distribution in Cheswick, St Thomas on December 24, 2022.

Since 2017, the YouTuber and makeup artist has fueled her passion to serve and help those around her. That was the first year that she delivered Christmas cakes and sorrel to people in and around her community of Cheswick.

“I started with just four cakes and sorrel juices. I gave one of the cakes to a girl who was admitted to hospital and the rest to a few older people,” Grant explained.

He used his money to buy the treats which he happily gave away.

In 2018 he wanted to do more and convinced his three cousins, with whom he runs a Youtube channel, to join and support their efforts. The whole thing was captured as a vlog, providing content for their channel while spreading Christmas cheer.

In 2019, Grant went even bigger, fulfilling his dream of including young people among those who benefit from the annual gift. She brought sponsors on board to buy toys for children in her community. During the third and fourth years of her philanthropic efforts, she added a toy giveaway to her regular distribution of cakes and juice.

“It makes me feel happy when I do a good deed, and especially to see how excited the recipients are,” Grant told the Jamaican Observer.

She told the story of how she met a 14-year-old girl who was a patient at Princess Margaret Hospital for several months when she started. She regularly visited with treats to lift the girl’s spirits.

“The first year when I was giving away Christmas cakes, I gave her one, however, she told me she didn’t really like fruitcakes, so I brought her cupcakes on my next visit,” Grant said.

Grant, who is now a mother, told the Observer that the joy she derives from encounters like these push her to continue with the annual gift, even though it has been a challenge at times.

“Even when I’m going through hard times, giving back gives me a sense of relief… It’s such a wonderful feeling!” Grant stated.

He has big plans to start his own charitable foundation. Their goal is to host an exclusive annual Christmas event where customers receive gifts and gifts. For now, he continues to work on handing out modest treats, as just the thought of being nice to others puts a big smile on his face.

Celia Grant (second from right) with her cousins ​​(from left) Deandra, Anya and Kayna at Christmas 2020.

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