Sometimes it’s the simple gesture that makes a big difference, as these officers demonstrated.

Saturday morning… yesterday… Karen Ressegieu of La Vista, Nebraska woke up at 6:15 am. later that morning in nearby Omaha.

It just didn’t turn out that way.

Karen said, “I woke up at 1:30 a.m. funeral that morning.”

After trying to wake her husband, Karen called the neighbors, who quickly responded, and 911.

Medics arrived, as did four La Vista police officers.

After CPR and other lifesaving efforts, Jim was gone.

Friends and neighbors were there to comfort Karen, who was clearly in shock.

Apparently, he still hadn’t fully assimilated, and he kept telling his friends that he had to make the cakes.

“She had a lot to do, some neighbors stopped by to try to figure things out, get information from her. And she mentioned about three times that she had to make an ice cream cake, they were supposed to attend a funeral that morning,” the officer said. John Danderand.

Absorbing the pain of others on a regular basis can be very exhausting.

So while her friends and neighbors were trying to calm her down and be there for her, Officer Danderland and Sgt. Kraig Gomon went to the kitchen, finished baking the cupcakes, whipped up the frosting, and frosted the cakes.



They then delivered the cakes to the church.



Said the sergeant. Gomon, “She was more concerned about everyone else than herself. And that was what impressed me the most about her kindness. And to me, it was a small gesture for us to try to repay that.”

And they do it like that.

Pastor Greg Applequist of the Church of the First Covenant described Karen and Jim as “Only very small people, not very flashy, very faithful, very stable. That is what they are”.

Karen said: “The morning was a blur. They just showed a lot of kindness, you know, going out of their way. They couldn’t taste that cake, so I have to make another cake and take it to them.

Life is short. It is very fragile. Take care of each other.”

A devastating, sad and gloomy day, made a little sweeter with a simple gesture.

What do you want me to do
What do you do to see you through?
A rain box will ease the pain
And love will help you.

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