Some of Cape Town’s trendiest businessmen

Cape Town is a city whose creative talent is endless. No Bad Days, Via Wax and Pina Jewels are three local businesses that have made it big in retail through an artistically defined study of fashion, cake design and home décor.

Meet the entrepreneurs behind the brands.

Emma: No bad days.

No Bad Days is a custom lunch box cake business started by Emma in May 2021.

Emma grew up in a food-loving household and has always loved cooking and baking with her grandmother. When she was inspired by Korean bakeries creating custom cakes decorated with adorable designs, an opportunity arose for her love of baking to match her natural creative flair.

Image: No Bad Days / Instagram

Emma realized that the market for lunchbox pastries in Cape Town was completely untapped, and so she started her business.

The No Bad Days cakes are not only beautifully decorated and super delicious, but customers can order them personalized with instructions on how Emma should decorate them. It’s the perfect way to treat your friends, family, or even yourself to unique celebratory treats.

Image: No Bad Days / Instagram

No Bad Days opens “slots” for each month at the end of the previous month. Customers can place their order via the link in the Instagram bio. The cakes are customizable, available in three different price ranges depending on the design, and are packaged in a burger box.

No Bad Day Lunch Box Cakes are perfect for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or just because!

Nathalie and Laura: via wax

Nathalie and Làura, two sisters based in Cape Town, founded Via Wax in August 2020.

Làura is an artist and Nathalie is a curator; both are the sons of an astute Italian mother who passed on her creative flair to them.

Image: @via.wax / Instagram

Through a series of lucky events and well-timed gestures, Nathalie and Làura created something they never thought they would. A small candle business with a lot of heart and drive.

Image: @via.wax / Instagram

Born in a time when candles were a popular form of home décor, the founders of Via Wax learned to appreciate designers who do something different. And that is what they have aspired to be.

Via Wax creates candles that look like they belong more in a contemporary sculpture gallery than a mantelpiece.

Image: @via.wax / Instagram
  • Find them: manufacture | AKJP STUDIO
  • Website:
  • Instagram: @via.wax

Courteney: Pina Jewelry

Courteney Krauss is the founder and creator of Pina Jewels.

Her daisy earrings, block rings and resin masterpieces can be seen at Capetonian every second and were even picked up by Moda Operandi, taking her designs around the world.

Courteney founded Pina because she was interested in how versatile and useful resin was as a material.

Image: @pinajewels / Instagram

Pina Jewels quickly became South Africa’s must-have accessory after taking Cape Town by storm with its vibrantly colored floral designs, metal hoops and chunky rings.

Image: @pinajewels / Instagram

As Courteney’s boundless creativity envisions new collections, Pina Jewel’s variety of shapes and colors continues to grow.

Image: @pinajewels / Instagram
  • Find them: We are Egg | AKJP STUDIO | Super Ballista | strangers club
  • Website:
  • Contact: Contact Form

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