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WILMINGTON — The Select Board meeting on Monday, November 14, was short and to the point, as the board considered applications from businesses, non-profit organizations and city departments.

C & C Restaurant Group, LLC, doing business as Rocco’s Restaurant, has filed to change the manager of its All-Alcohol License for 193 Main St. from Joseph Cerqueira to Nichole A. Roscillo.

City Manager Jeff Hull explained that the process is straightforward, as the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission requires City Boards of Aldermen to approve these changes. Hull shared a recommendation for approval from the police department. The board voted as recommended.

The next application came from Hanna MacKinnon, on behalf of Stir Nutrition, for a Common Peddler License for 2 Lowell St. Unit 6B. Hull established that this was due to a change in business at this location. She mentioned that the director of health and the building inspector recommended approval in this case.

Select board member Greg Bendel wished MacKinnon good luck with the business, which MacKinnon described as a “healthy gathering place” for people in the community to do homework or work while enjoying a drink or snack. healthy with protein

President Judy O’Connell asked which businesses were located next to Stir Nutrition. MacKinnon named Josie’s Bakery and Fit Body as her neighbors.

iPODS for Wounded Veterans President Paul Cardello appeared before the board to declare a donation the nonprofit had received from the BOSE Corporation. He first recalled how veteran Lt. Col. Ed Collazo, for years at BOSE, helped start iPODS 13 years ago.

Cardello also thanked several groups in Wilmington who regularly attend iPODS, such as the Sons of Italy, the Wilmington/Tewksbury Elks and the senior center knitting group. He mentioned some of his upcoming events around town, one at AdviniaCare on Dec. 13, and a spring event he’s hosting with Veterans Services Director Lou Cimaglia.

He then read a sample of the “Dear Soldier” letters, where a high school student wrote to a soldier sharing appreciation for their sacrifice and heroism.

“You don’t work for iPODS unless you’re passionate about it,” Cardello said.

He presented the board with the donations they want to give to Wilmington veterans who are also first responders, including letters, headphones, brochures and water bottles.

Lastly, he invited Wilmington Police Chief Joe Desmond and Fire Chief Bill Cavanaugh, who were present that night, to ask if the iPODS could bring the donations to the Public Safety Building on November 22. Desmond and Cavanaugh recognized the officers, sergeants, lieutenants, and firefighters present that night by name.

O’Connell shared that she appreciated all of these men and women’s service to the city and their accomplishments as service men and women. The rest of the board thanked Cardello for his efforts to cheer on the veterans and thanked the veterans present that night.

The final nomination came from Police Chief Desmond and Traffic Officer Daniel Furbush for this year’s Santa Parade. Desmond explained that while the police department is spearheading the event, they are also assisted by the fire department, DPW and A&S Towing. The parade will bring Santa and Mrs. Claus around town and provide an opportunity to collect toy donations for a toy drive, food for the food pantry and letters for the troops.

Furbush detailed his plans this year to expand the parade to two separate days to accommodate residents and avoid delays. On Saturday December 3 they would visit just Shawsheen Street School at 11 am and North Middle School at 1 pm Then on Sunday December 4 they would have the traditional parade with a shorter run from 9 am to about 4 or 5 pm The route will be posted on the website for residents to follow.

One area that he specifically called out was the quiet unit to be completed at City Hall. He also invited families of children with disabilities or mental disabilities to fill out an online form or call the police department for a separate visit.

Furbush confirmed that they would be preparing to park on Saturday and include plenty of overtime in case of delays. The board approved the police department’s request to hold the parade.

There were two items of communication regarding the city’s free cash reserves, which Hull referenced as $39,293,630. Hull acknowledged that this free cash would help with upcoming projects, including the Wildwood School and the two projects that will be allocated at the special Nov. 19 City Assembly.

An MBTA letter informed the board that the Federal Transit Authority has given its approval to build the new commuter rail freight area so that the MBTA can begin developing the design.

A report from Minuteman Senior Services this year found that 1,148 Wilmington residents received services from them in the past year with case management, caregiver support, abuse reporting, advocacy and other concerns.

Two memos reported that the city is waiting for the consent agreement between Olin Chemical and the EPA to be resolved, and the Verdantas memos discussed next steps by the EPA.

The board voted to ratify the Hull appointments of David Gavegnano and Roberta Biscan to the Commission on Disabilities. They also approved a request for We’re One Wilmington to place signs in the city’s common area and on the 4th of July building to promote the Festival of Trees on December 2. The board agreed to meet on January 9, 23 and 30.

A public comment that night asked each board member present to share whether they supported the new city hall (3/4 of those present that night said yes) and the new senior center (all said yes) before suggesting they the city will consider senior housing.

The Salute to Service was sent to all veterans everywhere in celebration of Veterans Day.

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