Seasonal menus are coming to town

The holiday season means sleigh riding is just around the corner, and what better way to kick off the festivities this year than to cozy up in saxbys either starbucks with some delicious sweets? These coffee shops near Temple University are the perfect place to warm up from Philadelphia’s cold and windy weather, and they’ve made some delicious concoctions to start spreading the holiday cheer!

Autumn is walking out the door as Thanksgiving slowly approaches. Pollett’s walk is strewn with fallen leaves again, and the branches reveal their winter frames. Of course, once the temperatures start to freeze on the windshields and force you to don the heaviest clothes you can find, it can seem endlessly exhausting to attend the final classes of the year.

However, now is the time to end the year strong, with only a few weeks between you and a relaxing holiday break by a fireplace (or heater). However, if this enticing prospect isn’t enough to boost your productivity, try grabbing a sweet treat or delicious drink on your way to class, or during a well-earned break from studies. Even though her Canvas calendar might seem overwhelming, she just produces incense to put her mitts on some festive treats.

One of the most exciting events of the season is when you walk into your favorite coffee shop and see all the new holiday-themed drinks gracing the menu. Although college students are universally exhilarated by the aroma of pumpkin spice lattes, nothing compares to the down-to-earth joy that the scent of sugar cookies or mint inspires.

Even if you can’t get your hands on any of Mom’s special homemade Christmas cookies, or try your family’s infamous challah bread, the best cafes on campus can give you the taste of home everyone needs right now.


  1. Biscuit Butter Cold Preparation

What’s better than a plate of cookies and cold milk on Christmas morning? Combining both delights into one delicious iced coffee! This cold concoction steeps slowly to give a perfectly smooth flavor to this joyous treat. Santa Claus would run up the chimney if he was expecting this, so he runs to one of several Dunkins around campus to try a shot even Ebenezer Scrooge couldn’t resist.

2. Cookie Butter Donut

Though Philadelphia may not have a white Christmas, this buttercream-filled delight is reminiscent of a wintry forest with its sweet maple flavor. A sprinkle of crushed cookies completes this buttery, indulgent cake. Warming Christmas spices are a wonderful confection perfect to pair with a hot breakfast brew, or you could even place a box of these under your tree on Christmas Eve night. Either way, Dunkin’s new seasonal menu items will have everyone in a good mood!


  1. Dark Chocolate Mint Mocha Cold Brew

With notes of bittersweet dark chocolate and the fresh taste of mint, the arrival of this drink means that Christmas has fully arrived in town. Topped with peppermint flakes, this drink is the perfect companion to a study session or holiday movie marathon. If you’re in the mood for a drink to warm up your mitts after a snowball fight, then order this hot drink by ordering a dark chocolate mint mocha. Complete with the same delicious flavors that Saxbys Dark Chocolate Mint Sauce brings you, which is made in-house!

2. Vanilla Love

There’s no doubt that even those who have been hesitant to get into the matcha groove will love Vanilla Love. This hot matcha latte may be reminiscent of the Grinch’s signature green, but don’t worry, it’s much sweeter than bitter. The vanilla infused flavors are sure to make your heart and stomach grow three sizes just to make room for more! To make this gift even more joyful, Saxby’s has finished the Vanilla Love with a red raspberry garnish in the shape of their logo.

3. Plant Fed Overnight Oats with Blueberries and Pumpkin Seeds

Not only is this oatmeal the perfect pick-me-up before a morning class, but it also perfectly blends elements of Thanksgiving and the festive season. The gluten-free overnight oats are complemented by crunchy granola, chia, and pumpkin seeds, along with flavors of blueberry, vanilla, and pumpkin spice to top it off. Kudos to Saxby’s for finding a way to make your holiday menu indulgent and healthy at the same time!


  1. mint mocha

Coffee lovers know that when Starbucks brings its winter-themed cups and to-go products, the most wonderful time of the year has begun. So, fill up your red and green thermoses with the enticing flavor of espresso, steamed milk, and mint-flavored syrup. As if a minty mocha wasn’t enough to pique your interest, heavenly whipped cream and semisweet chocolate curls are sure to make your Christmas anything but blue.

2. Sugar Cookie Almond Milk Iced Latte

You may have to wait until you get home for the holidays to eat your mom’s sufganiyot or gingerbread cookies, but don’t worry because Starbucks will bring a sample of your family’s cooking to the student center. It’s hard to resist blonde espresso roast paired with sugar cookie flavors, especially with a festive array of red and green sprinkles serving as the finishing touch! Just try not to get hit by a reindeer (or a stampede of students) while putting on your gloves on this delicious drink.

3. Chestnut praline latte

Although your bedroom or apartment most likely does not have a fireplace suitable for roasting chestnuts, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy its classic flavor. Flavors of caramelized chestnuts are featured alongside delicious Starbucks espresso. Pumpkin spice may be heading out the door, but spiced praline crumbs on top of this drink are the perfect replacement for the classic aromatic delight. Honey, it’s cold outside, but this steaming latte is sure to warm your heart and fill it with joy.

4. Reindeer Cake Pop

Who doesn’t like Starbucks cake pops? The classic dessert (or breakfast) has remained a staple on the chain’s menu, and this fun twist on its original flavors is sure to make you glow with joy. Vanilla cake and buttercream dipped in a sweet milk chocolate sauce will help you have a merry Christmas. Complete with antlers, eyes, and a bright red nose, Rudolph would surely be proud to be the genius behind such classic confection.

It’s time to hop on the Polar Express and head to your favorite coffee destination on campus. Now that the semester is drawing to a close, treat yourself to one of these exciting new items. Whether you’re writing your term paper or decking the halls with holly, these new festive picks are sure to start your holiday story off right!

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