Scrap metal and scrap processing and stock after machining can be recycled

The scrap waste after machining can be recycled to cast again castings, or recycled to cast high-quality steel, which needs to be pressed into high-density cakes by scrap iron briquetting machine; Putting directly into casting will not melt completely, but also increase the casting time; The equipment adopts the principle of hydraulic molding, without adding any adhesive, and can be directly pressed into 3-10kg cylindrical or square cakes.

The metal chip briquetting machine is applicable to various metal chips, cast iron chips, ball mill cast iron chips, sponge iron, iron ore powder, cast iron cutting waste and other raw materials, and it is widely used in mechanical processing, processing workshops, steel foundry plants, metal waste recycling stations, etc.

1. The metal chip briquetting machine adopts the advanced PLC hydraulic power transmission scheme, which has a high degree of automation, greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers and improves the production of products;

2. The body is made of cast steel, which improves the strength and rigidity, improves the stability of the equipment, makes the machine run smoothly, and prolongs the service life of the machine;

3. The highly centralized hydraulic valve block and the unique design of the oil circuit accelerate the speed of operation, guarantee the production demand of users, and improve product quality with large molding pressure;

4. The cast iron briquetting machine has high technical content, fully automatic control, low failure rate, small heat generation, high productivity, energy saving and durability, thus reducing production costs;

5. The hydraulic forming cost of the iron chip pressing machine is low and cost resources are saved.

The metal chip briquetting machine can cold press metal scrap into a unified shape under great pressure, which greatly facilitates the storage, transportation, recycling and reuse of metal scrap. It is mainly used to make aluminum chips, iron chips, copper chips, steel chips, etc. produced in the processing of aluminum products, iron foundries, iron products, copper products, etc. The metal chip briquetting machine is used to process various metal chips into circular cake-shaped metal blocks with uniform specifications. This treatment can not only effectively save the space resources of the factory, but also fundamentally solve environmental problems, thus creating a clean and orderly factory environment.

Research shows that recycling an abandoned aluminum can can save 20% of the capital and 90-97% of the energy than making a new one. Recovery of 1t of scrap iron and steel can produce 0.9t of good steel, which can save 47% cost compared to smelting with ore, and also reduce air pollution, water pollution and solid waste. In countries with more developed industries, the scale of the renewable metals industry is larger and the recycling rate of renewable metals is higher. If we can reduce the use of original mineral resources and use scrap metal more effectively, the resource burden for our country will be greatly reduced.

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