Scottish Bakers, FDF Scotland and other industry bodies call on government to freeze trading fees to keep Scotland competitive

According to the alliance, “The cost of doing business in Scotland is skyrocketing and the near-term economic outlook is weak.”

With the business tax already at its highest point in 23 years, Scottish businesses are taking a hit and this is being passed on to consumers.

Helps ease the load

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Ahead of the Scottish government budget, organizations representing a broad section of Scottish industry and commerce sent a letter to Swinney, asking for his help. “companies with the cost crisis [and]help ease the burden at this difficult time.”

The Budget will be released on December 15 and is expected to set the business rate and associated reliefs and thresholds for the 2023-24 fiscal year.

In UK Government Autumn Statement,The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, confirmed that the commercial rate in England would not increase next April. The coalition hopes that “At the very least, Scottish ministers do the same and similarly freeze the main business rate in pounds in the next fiscal year.”

add, “After two turbulent years of the pandemic, the fact is that business conditions remain challenging.”

Keep prices low for customers

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Business organizations admit that “There has been progress in recent years on broader aspects of tariff reform, including more frequent reassessments; withholding of the uniform business rate; and a commitment to restore higher property rate parity with England, which should benefit 12,000 commercial premises here in Scotland.”

The letter also acknowledges “The Scottish government, like businesses, is facing its own costs and inflationary pressures at the moment.”

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