Say it ain’t so! NJ’s best ice cream shop closes after 88 years

It was a golden age in New York City when Bischoff’s Ice Cream first opened its doors.

It was the late 19th century when things were fancy and people dressed up to go out for ice cream.

When you walked into an ice cream parlor back then, it was all shiny machines, shiny counters, clamshell booths, and staff in paper hats and bow ties.

That’s the way Bischoffs was and it’s been that way for 88 years.

And now, according to an article on, that wonderful relic of a simpler time is about to close.

Albert Bischoff started the business we know as Bischoff’s Ice Cream more than four generations ago, passing the business on to his daughters.

The first store opened near the Hippodrome Theater in New York City in the late 19th century before moving to Teaneck in 1934, according to the company’s website.

Via Bischoff’s Ice Cream on Facebook

Via Bischoff’s Ice Cream on Facebook

And now it’s one of the places people drive to in Bergen County.

At the risk of sounding trite, it seems that in New Jersey all good things must come to an end, and so it is for this iconic ice cream parlor that also specializes in sundaes, sherbet, and candy, but is also a restaurant/grill where people can have a hamburger or roast beef sandwich for lunch.

And don’t forget the egg creams.

Via Bischoff’s Ice Cream on facebook

Via Bischoff’s Ice Cream on Facebook

It’s the old fashioned soda fountain which unfortunately I’m too young to have seen in person.

But I’ve seen enough in movies and on TV to want this kind of place to stay forever.

Having earned numerous accolades and spots on various “best ice cream” lists, after 88 years, the business will close for good on New Year’s Eve, the article says.

Via Bischoff’s Ice Cream on Facebook

Via Bischoff’s Ice Cream on Facebook

It’s the kind of old fashioned ice cream parlor/parlor experience we don’t have anymore.

And fewer and fewer of them still exist.

That’s why people from Bergen County and everyone else who drove from other places in New Jersey will miss Bischoff’s just to experience it.

Soon there will be a whole generation of people who don’t know what it’s like to spin around in those counter chairs while drinking their ice cold sodas or egg custards.

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