Saif Ali Khan Reveals The Only Reason That Would Tempt Him To Join Social Media, And It’s Not Fame

Saif Ali Khan Reveals The Only Reason That Would Tempt Him To Join Social Media, And It's Not Fame

Social media has become a powerful tool that helps people express themselves more clearly. In recent years, it has also made people stay more connected to each other. And for our favorite B-town celebs, it has connected them more with their fans as they can now easily get a glimpse into their life and work.

While social media already has so many prominent celebrities using it, Saif Ali Khan is one such talented actor, who prefers to keep a low-key profile when it comes to being a part of social media. To the uninitiated, while his beloved wife Kareena Kapoor Khan is an active user of social media, often sharing unseen glimpses into her life, it is Saif who is not part of any social media domain. social.

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Despite his immense popularity and fame, Saif Ali Khan has not been a part of social media. Although his presence is highly expected, for the first time now he has shared the reason for his absence, and also that possible reason that would tempt him to think otherwise. Speaking about being away from social media, he said:

“I am quite a photographic person, I have tons of photos that even the lady pinches me sometimes because I like to record things. I could share but people say don’t share this, don’t share that. I’ll have to talk to an administrator to manage my account before… (publish it). They say this is too politically incorrect. So it doesn’t make sense, it just gets too dishonest. So I’ll have 100,000 people saying: can you post this and do that? I don’t want to get caught up in that.”

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Interestingly, while he considers social media to be a dishonest reflection of oneself, he also mentioned the only reason that could convince him to join social media. When informed that social networks can become an effective tool to generate money, the actor was quick to mention:

“That’s the only thing that would tempt me to do it, would be money.”

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While Saif hasn’t been a part of social media to date, glimpses of his life do make their way to his fans, courtesy of his wife Kareena Kapoor Khan. Being a social bird, Kareena often shares glimpses into her life. For example, on October 24, 2022, Kareena shared some adorable moments from her Diwali celebrations with her family. She had put a loving caption to her post, which read:

“This is us, from mine to yours… Happy Diwali friends, stay blessed”

We can’t wait for Saif to join social media!

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