Rocky Romero pushes cake in the face of the rival, to defend the CMLL championship in Jericho cruise

Rocky Romero is doing a great job right now. It’s time to put Azucar on your radar to pay attention to his antics.

Last week, Romero defeated his rival Volador Jr. to win the CMLL World Historic Welterweight Championship. Romero has Volador’s number in the ring and therefore sees himself as Volador’s daddy. Like any good father, Romero couldn’t let Volador’s birthday go by without a cake. Romero treated his wrestling son to candy and a song on CMLL’s Friday night show. Volador seemed happy but hesitant to trust his daddy. That was for good reason, because Romero smashed the cake right in Volador’s face.

The moral of the story is to never trust a man who wears an eyepatch for fashion and not function.

Romero and Volador proceeded to compete in trios action on opposing squads. The ending played out like the Three Stooges with cheap shots all around. Romero remained standing. The referee noticed that everyone on the canvas was clutching their crotch in pain, so he deduced that Romero was guilty and awarded the victory to Volador’s team. Alliances were broken and everyone argued with everyone trying to get a hair to hair fight.

Romero is putting together one of the most interesting CMLL stories in years. The feud is branching out beyond the simple screeching of mask against mask or hair against hair. CMLL can make money in a number of ways by using the feud over a multi-man hair match to cause a singles hair vs. hair explosion between Romero and Volador. This feud is shaping up to be worthy of headlining CMLL’s biggest 90th anniversary show of the year in September.

Romero is also making waves behind the scenes in a positive way with a desire to defend the CMLL belt in other promotions. The relationship between AAA, AEW, CMLL, NJPW and ROH is a complicated web to navigate. Romero got a little help from Chris Jericho to use his mage powers to produce an unexpected combination.

Romero will defend the CMLL World Historic Welterweight Championship against NJPW’s young lion Yuya Uemura on the cruise ship Jericho, which sails the high seas from February 2-6.

Prepare your conspiracy board.

The relationship chain goes CMLL & NJPW and AEW & NJPW. CMLL and NJPW used to work with ROH before Tony Khan bought out the honor company. AEW is also a friend of AAA, which is CMLL’s rival promotion in Mexico. CMLL has been steadfast in its refusal to accommodate talent relationships in arenas involving AAA wrestlers. That rigidity reportedly forced AEW and NJPW to alter Forbidden Door’s plans to suit CMLL’s whims. The Jericho cruise will have AAA superstars Fenix ​​and Pentagon on board, so there was no guarantee that Romero would be able to get the nod from CMLL. Although the Romero fight is not scheduled to be televised, it is still a notable step for the fight to happen in the first place.

The sugar era has begun.

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