Ribbon cutting welcomes Mamie Colette to Newtown

NEWTOWN BOROUGH, PA — The community is excited about the city’s newest business addition: Mamie Colette, an artisan bakery that opened earlier this month next to Fine Wine and Good Spirits.

And that enthusiasm was clearly evident on Saturday when the Newtown Business Association welcomed the bakery to town with an official ribbon cutting.

Specializing in soft, flaky French croissants, the bakery is the best option in town with its fresh homemade baked goods that sell out quickly every day.

“I am very excited to welcome another incredible business to the city,” said local Allstate agent Greg Kramer, who helped organize the ribbon cutting for the Newtown Business Association. “This is fantastic. It’s not only great for Newtown, it’s great because it’s right next to my office. To have this kind of coffee shop in Newtown is just fantastic.”

He was joined at the ribbon cutting by State Representative Perry Warren, Newtown County Mayor John Burke, and Newtown County Councilmembers Tara Grunde-McLaughlin and Bob Szwajkos.

Also in attendance were representatives from US Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick’s office and State Senator Steve Santarsiero’s office.

“I want to thank everyone for welcoming us to Newtown,” said Isabelle, who co-owns the shop with chef Magali. “We opened this bakery, which was chef Magali’s long-time dream, and also for people to try really good croissants. We thought we would have a smooth opening. Instead, we have had incredible success. The people who came have been the kindest people. We have felt very welcome. In just two weeks we planted roots in Newtown.

“We have had incredible support from the local businesses, the business association and all the merchants who helped us build this place and who have become like a family. We wanted to bring you happiness and you have brought us so much more happiness.”

During the event on Saturday, a steady stream of customers streamed through the doors eager for freshly baked croissants.

Due to high demand and limited capacity, the owners encourage anyone who wants a croissant to come to the store between 6:30 and 8:30 am and check their Facebook page for availability.

The croissants are made from scratch every morning and are limited to 500 due to kitchen constraints. The croissants are not frozen and are served fresh to customers, which has undoubtedly made them a huge hit in the city.

“Oh my gosh. These are amazing,” said Grunde-McLaughlin, who was enjoying one of the croissants. “These are the best I’ve had in years. They’re the best croissants I’ve had since I was lucky enough to be in France. It’s the flavor and the texture. I wish we’d had this here for the last 20 years. I expect them to do extremely well and it looks like they are.”

State Rep. Perry Warren said the new bakery has created quite a stir in the city.

“Demand exceeds supply because they make such a high-quality product with each item made to order using the best ingredients,” Warren said. “They’re creating this fantastic product that really is the buzz in town,” he said. “It’s great to be here on a Saturday morning and see the line walking out the door and people walking away with a smile.”

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