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Pleasantville Farmers Market is a volunteer-run community organization. JOIN US!
Would you believe that the market is run almost entirely by volunteers? We need help on Saturdays at the market – everything from helping with music performances, sitting at the manager’s table helping customers, walking the market aisles to answer questions, and for those early risers, setting up the market before it everything is over started. In addition, we have many special events that need volunteer support: children’s events, culinary events, special community events. No matter your interest, we have a volunteer opportunity for you.

To find out more, come to our
Open day for volunteers,
on Sunday, February 5, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.
Email us for more information or to RSVP to:
[email protected]

It’s 7pm TUESDAY:

Find out what’s going on at Pleasantville-Briarcliff Manorwith free real-time updates from Patch.

CLICK HERE to start shopping at Pleasantville Farmers Market Online!

Pre-orders can be placed from Tuesday at 7 pm to Thursday at 7 pm

Find out what’s going on at Pleasantville-Briarcliff Manorwith free real-time updates from Patch.

PFM-O is easy, fast and convenient – a perfect combination for winter shopping!

christina bundrickformer staff member Red Barn Bakery, will be at the Market this Saturday before moving to New York. We wish her the best and will miss her at the Market! Red Barn Bakery is looking for new members for its market and bakery team; if you are interested in knowing more, please contact the owner dodge randell at [email protected], or 917-697-3704.


View our Market Map to see where all returning and new vendors visiting this Saturday will be located in the market.

Dairy News:
Bobolink Dairy & Bakehouse and Edgwick Farm will be available in January (returning 2/4). Chaseholm Farm Creamery is available every week this month with their artisan cheeses and dairy products.
In addition to Weekly sellers the following Rotation Vendors will also be this Saturday:

  • baked bohemian
  • Bombay Chutney Company
  • Chaseholm Farm Dairy
  • forward roots
  • stately indentation
  • River Valley Community Grains

Lead Sponsor Northwell Health Council:
Meghan Holmgren, managing editor of Northwell Health, learned an easy way to create some ingredients used in healthy dishes, like vegetable broth. “While cutting, I tossed all my leftover vegetables into a bowl on my counter. Once I had a few cups stored, I simply dropped the contents into a slow cooker of water, turned it to a simmer, and viola! Twelve hours later I had vegetable broth with no salt or additives.” Click here to know more. brought to you by North Westchester Y Phelpsyour town north well hospitals


Pika farm table has a line of soups that are easy to heat and easy to heat. Soften cold, gray winter days with a glowing bowl of delicious soup, like chicken noodles!

Maple View Farm The PFM-O store has a “Farmer’s Choice Bag” that offers a volume discount on 7-9 seasonal produce items selected for you from a variety of roots, vegetables and herbs.

stately indentation will be present with their fresh handmade sangrias!

Enjoy a new article from Orwasher’s Bakery — Olive Sticks — a tasty new addition to your bread box.

forward roots will visit with their line of kimchi products. Look in your PFM-O store to see all their offers.

Conant Valley Jams It has light and fruity jams, perfect to enjoy on winter mornings. Try their Organic Bartlett Pear Jam or Organic Apple Pie with Cream Cheese on a slice of toast to start your day.

Keep theagevity Y beanluv in mind to enjoy a hot cup of tea or perfect coffee, whether at the Market, or stocking up from your home pantry. They also have pre-bottled iced tea packaged as “Tea2Go”.

Bombay Chutney Company You will visit with their frozen foods, great simmered sauces and versatile chutneys. Add some spice to your winter meals with the help of Bombay. Help them by booking!

Warm up at the Mercado this Saturday with a hot grilled chicken sausage for SOVA farm (served on a soft Bien Cuit bun).
Chaseholm Farm Dairy offers quarts of their plain and maple yogurt, and recently added two new cheeses: Red Beard, a spread-aged cheese washed with hard apple cider, and a Dutch-style Gouda (sweet, nutty, and full of crystals of lactate) from Jake’s Aged Gouda.

Last week spice revolution with popular Lunar New Year spices. The Year of the Rabbit continues this week so you can enjoy shopping for ginger, roasted garlic powder, mustard seeds/powders, Sichuan chili and Szechuan peppercorns and more.

mead orchards It has crisp apples, jarred applesauce, fresh cider and more!

Gajeski Products He has his PFM-O store stocked with items for his week’s meals, whether it’s fresh greens or root vegetables from the cellar. Brussels sprouts are still plentiful! Pre-ordering makes it quick and easy to pick it up from the market.


Winter time: Take into account our NEW hours from 9:30 am to 12:00 pm

Metered parking in the Plaza lot: The Village of Pleasantville’s Memorial Plaza parking lot requires payment on Saturdays. the one from the village Pango smartphone app and two pay stations Plaza lot parking and street-side metered spaces are available for pay. If you prefer free parking know the “hidden p’ville parking lots(6 out of 9 lots are free) by clicking here.

Avoid the market if you are sick. Especially if you have any symptoms of the COVID-19 virus (temperature of 100° or higher, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath).

Using SNAP at the Market: The Pleasantville Farmers Market welcomes shoppers using SNAP EBT. To use your SNAP benefits during the winter, locate the Market Manager who will help you redeem your benefits as tokens. Y THANK YOU to a generous grant from our local hospitals, Phelps Hospital Y North Westchester Hospitalboth part of the Market main sponsor Northwell Health, will receive 40% more value as “Bonus Bucks”, improving your ability to buy fresh, nutritious food for yourself and your family.


Local purchase:
The Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce can help you stay connected to the small businesses that make Pleasantville a wonderful place to visit and live. Visit the Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce website for a complete membership directory, events calendar, and a feature to help find parking spots when you visit.

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