Reindeer buns and chorizo ​​croquettes: M&S Christmas range 2022 | range preview

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Slow Cooked Turkey Crown Collection with Bacon and Stuffing

100822_M_SCFTO22_Reshoots_Slow Cooked Turkey Crown

£57.50-£74.95, 2.3kg-2.99kg (for 6-8) or £75-£95, 3kg-3.8kg (for 10-12)

The slow-cooked British Oakham Turkey Crown is stuffed with pork and cranberries, wrapped in dry-cured bacon and served with turkey gravy. It hits the store on December 1st.

Collection Rustic Potato Tart, Caramelized Onion and Brie

Copy of Brie & Cranberry Pie Phase 7 2022 JL


Layers of French brie and skin-on potatoes smothered in a creamy sauce of caramelized onion, garlic and mature cheddar cheese, topped with buttery shortcrust pastry. It lands in stores on December 18.

Layered Christmas Turkey Cake

Turkey Christmas Pie Phase8 2021 JL


Layers of Oakham turkey, sweet cranberry sauce, pork, leek and sage stuffing and rich turkey gravy, enrobed in a hot water dough crust and topped with buttered puff pastry crust. Cook straight from frozen.

British Oakham turkey breast joint

290620_M_S_CFTO20_035_British Oakham Stuffed Turkey Breast


British Oakham boneless turkey breast for six to eight, smothered in turkey broth and garnished with a sprig of rosemary.

vegetarian and vegan

Vegan Roast Turkey Stuffed with Vegetable Cuisine

Vegan turkey roll cut_UC356404


A vegan and gluten-free pea protein joint filled with butternut squash, sweet cranberry and apple filling. In stores December 18.

Plant Kitchen Butternut, Almond & Pecan Nut Roast

PK Butternut Almond & Pecan Nut Roast 660532 kt


This Roasted Pumpkin Walnut, Bulgur Wheat, and Cannellini Bean Roast is stuffed with dried apricots, almonds, sweetened dried cranberries, and pecans with a sachet of red wine and thyme sauce.

Vegetable cuisine mince pies

MW PK Mince Pies Phase 4 2022 JL


Vegan shortcrust pastry mince pies filled with classic mincemeat with vine fruits and topped with a puff pastry star and sweet powder. It lands in stores on December 6.

Made Without Chocolate Yule Log

Made without Yule Log CFTO AL


Gluten-free chocolate sponge roll filled and covered with chocolate buttercream, covered with sweet powder. It is suitable for vegetarians and hits stores on December 6.

food party

pizza gyoza

Frozen party food group shot_AD


Deep-fried gyozas are filled with a classic tomato, oregano, and basil pizza sauce. Served with a spicy tomato sauce for dipping and a sprinkle of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Reindeer Steamed Buns

8 reindeer steamed buns 29297856 KT (2)


Eight “soft and fluffy” steamed bao buns in the shape of a festive reindeer, filled with wok-fried vegetables in a sticky plum-hoisin sauce. Suitable for vegans. They’re part of a four-for-three deal on fresh party food.

Mini Steak Sandwiches Collection

10 Mini Steak Sandwiches 29302253 Phase 5 2022 JL (1)


Ten crispy sourdough mini crostini topped with slices of British tenderloin steak, caramelized onion chutney, a creamy mustard béchamel sauce and topped with crispy onions. They’re part of a four-for-three deal on fresh party food.

Garlic Butter Brioche and Camembert Wreath

Garlic Butter Christmas Wreath Phase 6 2022 JL


A tear-and-share crown of brioche, crafted with swirls of garlic butter and parsley and topped with sun-dried tomatoes with a camembert center.

Cornish Cruncher Bites

crispy cornish bites

€5.50, 230g

Combining Cornish Cruncher cheddar cheese aged for three years with risotto rice cooked and covered in crispy breadcrumbs. It lands in stores on November 16.

chorizo ​​croquettes

Party Food Mushroom Arancini Group Chorizo ​​Croquettes Steamed Bao Buns-2


Spanish croquettes filled with a creamy bechamel sauce, chorizo ​​and coated with crispy breadcrumbs.


christmas club sandwich

KT Christmas Club Sandwich


A 12 layer sandwich. Two slices of toasted oatmeal bread, with grilled chicken, maple bacon, cranberry chutney, stuffing, spinach, spiced pickled red cabbage, mayonnaise with gravy, and a center slice of oatmeal bread.

Naughty and Spiced Turkey Party Roll

Naughty Spice Turkey Feast Roll FOTM Phase 8 2021 JL


Brioche roll with turkey breast, spicy cranberry sauce, spicy chorizo-style pork stuffing, and a creamy red cabbage slaw.

Piglet Sandwich in Blankets

Pigs in Blanket Sandwich FOTM Phase 8 2021 JL copy


Free range pork sausage, sage mayonnaise sauce, ruby ​​port and red onion chutney and caramelized onions on malted whole wheat bread.

Vegetable Cooking Without Turkey Banquet

07. M&S Plant Kitchen without POS turkey party


A vegan wheat and pea protein turkey alternative with vegan bacon, cranberry chutney, fried onions and spinach on malted whole wheat bread.


Get your skates on Colin the Caterpillar

280622_M_SCFTO_Week 2_P46_Get your Skates on Colin_V2_UC376443


A festive version of Colin the Caterpillar. A brownie with chocolate buttercream, covered in milk chocolate and finished with festive edible decorations. It lands on December 6.

helter skelter cake

210622_M_SCFTO22_Week 1_P42_Pastel Helter Skelter_V4_UC376281


A light and fluffy Madeira sponge cake filled with sweet raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream. The Helter Skelter Cake is topped with a white chocolate helter-skelter dome and edible snowballs falling from the top. Remove the dome to break it open and share it, revealing a chocolate winter wonderland scene inside. It hits stores on December 18.

Collection Hand Decorated Mango Alphonso Sorbet Dish

Alphonso Mango & Raspberry Semifreddo Christmas Phase 7 2021 JL


Smooth and fruity, hand-decorated alphonso mango-shaped sorbet served in a strawberry sorbet bowl with a crunchy Belgian white chocolate base.

Rodney the Baked Alaskan Reindeer

Rodney the Baked Reindeer Alaska 29264278 kt


Chocolate sponge cake with Madagascar vanilla semifreddo, Belgian chocolate sauce, finished with mallow. It comes ready to brown at home and includes chocolate nose and chocolate horns.

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