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Vacation travel is a lot of work.

I won’t be traveling for Thanksgiving this year, but I know a few people who will.

In fact, one of our news reporters already traveled to New England late last week with friends.

She is young. Somehow, even she could enjoy the crowds in airports and strange cities.

I do not. I am much happier staying at home and cooking my own bird. I’m not even going home to Johnstown this year. I visited my parents there a couple of weeks ago. And I plan to see them again at Christmas, God willing. So instead of fighting traffic and what could be snow-covered roads this week, we’ll be talking on the phone Thursday and emailing photos.

Yes, of course, Mom and Dad can come here for Thanksgiving, but they, too, seem to prefer to avoid all the stress of the holiday trip.

Few of us do not have enough stress in our lives. That’s why I take shortcuts when I can.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned where I can take shortcuts and where I can’t. For example, I’ve already pre-ordered Christmas cakes from a local bakery. If I’m being honest, I know my kids prefer store-bought French silk pie to homemade pumpkin pie, anyway.

And like many, many Ohioans, I’ll probably turn to Brier Hill’s pizza on Wednesday night as well. No need to cook a lot two days in a row, right?

Plus, I’m probably still reeling from what is by far the busiest work week in our newsroom each year (yes, even busier than election night, and that’s saying a lot). That’s because this is the week we put out eight papers instead of the usual seven. It is Tuesday when we produce two sets of newspapers in one day.

Why, you’re probably wondering, would we do that?

It is simple. It’s so readers like you can relax on Thanksgiving and not have to rush out and try to find a store that’s open on the holiday where you can buy the Thanksgiving paper. Instead, you can buy Thursday’s holiday paper, complete with news and sporting articles, advertisements, classified ads, and inserts, a day in advance.

This tradition of ours allows shoppers a full day to make Black Friday shopping plans while the turkey is roasting, or after the French silk pie, when the meal is digesting.

You see, late Tuesday night, having laid the Wednesday papers in bed, we immediately began producing the Thursday papers, pushing our writing staff into the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

These Thanksgiving “Early Bird” issues will be completed and filled with all the Thanksgiving ads in time for them to hit the newsstands at 2 pm Wednesday afternoon.

I urge you to plan now to locate your copy of “Early Bird” on the way home from work on Wednesday (or while out for pizza in Brier Hill on Wednesday night). The list of newsstand locations where it will be available is on page B7 of today’s paper.

Of course, we’ll update the news, sports and even the lottery numbers on Wednesday night and reprint the Thanksgiving paper with all the latest information for those of you who get the paper on Thursday morning. , or for those of you who still prefer to go out in the morning to pick up the newspaper at the kiosk, even on holidays.

Either way, bargain hunters will get the same flyers and sales ads.

And then, after this really busy week is over, we can all sigh and relax, but not for long!

I, for one, am scheduled to return to the office on Friday.

And then, it won’t be long until we’re all busy untangling Christmas lights, baking cookies, wrapping presents, sending greeting cards, making travel plans, and everything else that comes with this hectic season.

Just please don’t stress too much.

Have a safe and blessed Thanksgiving!

Linert is editor of the Tribune Chronicle and The Vindicator.

[email protected]

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