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On November 25, Red Shed Christmas Trees returns to the seasonal Montavillage location in the Vinje & Son parking lot near SE 78th Avenue and Washington Street. This year, tree lot owner Lesle Janssen plans to expand the art offerings that are sold alongside the traditional wreaths and trees. Buyers will find a variety of Douglas, Nordmann and Noble Fir trees. However, the place also has crafts from local artists, cookies and activities for children. Janssen acknowledged that the tree industry’s costs are rising, but Red Shed will absorb those increases and keep prices at the same level as last year, ensuring people can still afford a holiday celebration.

Beyond tree sales, Janssen is a fan of the holiday season and a dedicated supporter of local artists. Consequently, the tree bundle includes more than just standard items. Since the opening of the Montavilla tree lot in 2008, the variety of items and activities offered on site has increased. This year they will have pottery and soap from Shane Reaney Studios, prints from Peter McNamee Photography, sweets made by McTavish Shortbread and other holiday accessories.

Shane Reaney is a neighborhood artist in the early stages of growing his business, and this venue increases exposure for lesser-known creators. “I have been making pottery and soap making as a hobby for many years, but I am starting to do this full time. Having the chance to show my creations to so many people in such a festive space will help introduce my affordable creations to a lot of new people,” said Reaney. At the Red Shed location, people can choose from a selection of Reaney mugs, small planters, incense holders and soap dishes. The staff will also display a variety of handmade soaps to sell along with the ceramic options.

Peter McNamee Photography offers images that capture the wilderness of the Northwest. McNamee prints his photos on eight-by-eight-inch metal panels. The image is fused with a special aluminum coating, creating a vibrant image that is durable and impervious to water. Fans of McNamee’s work can also pose in front of a giant backdrop featuring one of his landscape photographs.

For more than 30 years, Portland’s McTavish Shortbread has provided freshly made cookies to order for customers. It is an independent artisan bakery that offers the “gourmet version of the classic Scottish biscuit” to select cafes, wineries, boutique hotels and supermarkets. The family owned and operated bakery will only create a limited number of cookies for this location. Customers are encouraged to stop by early to purchase the cookies they want.

Lesle Janssen is excited to bring back the kids’ craft area this year. During the pandemic, the Red Shed staff sent ornament making kits home with the kids, and that option will continue. However, kids can be entertained at this year’s designated Christmas creativity station while parents shop. Janssen said this event is open to all children and requires no purchase. Crafty adults can also collect free tree limbs that staff cut from the base of the trees. A few inches are always trimmed from the base of the tree to allow it to be mounted in a watering stand. Those leftover branches can find a new use in decorating fireplaces or other projects.

For people interested in a winter brew, a collaboration with Montavilla Brew Works gives tree shoppers a special deal on local beer. Customers will bring their “Tree Cookie” token to one block of 7805 SE Stark Street and receive a discount on a six-pack or growler.

After Thanksgiving, shoppers can head to Washington Street to browse the holiday decorations and festive activities that will begin the buildup to the final celebration. Vinje & Son at 544 SE 78th Avenue again houses the Red Shed in their parking lot accessed from SE Washington Street. Starting Friday, they are open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily with an additional hour on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, keeping the lot open until 9 p.m. Paid delivery options are available to drop off trees at the door of a client.

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