Reach new heights with a run at Loch Lomond Golf Club

As one of the most picturesque locations in Scotland, there is sure to be no shortage of applicants for the permanent and seasonal jobs now available at Loch Lomond Golf Club. By Karen Peatie

Once the ancestral home of the Colquhoun clan on the shores of Loch Lomond, ROSSDHU House sits at the heart of Loch Lomond Golf Club, the exclusive private members’ club.

Visiting members, their families and guests can choose to stay in one of 54 luxury suites situated between the imposing Georgian mansion and a series of beautifully appointed cottages around the property.

Its parkland course was designed in 1994 by Tom Weiskopf and Jay Morris and is ranked among the best in the world for championship golf.

The five-star facility offers numerous benefits for staff. Closed at Christmas and through January, the Club offers a very generous holiday package along with flexible contracts that offer a perfect work-life balance.

Perks range from discounted rates for golf, country activities like skeet shooting and spa treatments to a bike to work plan, meals in the staff dining room, and shopping discounts at both the spa and pro shop .
Currently employing 203 staff who will increase to around 260 during the peak season, Loch Lomond Golf Club is recruiting for both seasonal and permanent roles in 2023.

Set within a stunning Victorian walled garden designed by renowned landscape gardener Thomas White in 1797, the spa is currently recruiting two therapists and one part-time therapist who will provide a range of body treatments for women and men.

Below, two Spa colleagues talk about their careers and experiences.

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    ‘Nothing can beat practical experience’

Ongoing training and opportunities to learn are among the benefits of working as part of the Spa team, says therapist Jade Hanna.

Herald of Scotland:

WHILE in her final year at Clydebank College, she was presented with the opportunity to join the Spa team at Loch Lomond Golf Club and therapist Jade Hanna hasn’t looked back since.

“It’s an amazing place to work,” he explains. “It’s a beautiful spa and we have the best clients.”

Jade remembers that “wow” moment when she came to her interview. “The spa manager had come to the university to give a talk and talked about the brands they used and how there were close associations with those brands,” she says.

“That really interested me because I felt like there would be really good training opportunities. Like many people, I had heard of the Club. I used to work at a bar in Luss and some clients worked here. I also knew a little about the ancestral background of the Colquhoun family, but I didn’t know what to expect until I arrived. It was a real ‘wow’ moment – this place is amazing and I was amazed at how big the grounds are.”

While Jade had been lucky enough to experience many beautiful spas, Loch Lomond Golf Club was “in a league of its own”. She says: “It’s quite different because of its location but also because it’s private. The atmosphere is also very different. There is no rush, it is very calm, friendly and relaxed and the clients notice it. We have enough time between clients that the therapists can really focus on the individual and take a little breather before it’s time for the next client.”

Jade has now worked at Loch Lomond Golf Club for just over four years and believes that she has really grown as a therapist in that time, constantly developing her skills and learning new techniques in massage and facials.

“Working with the Germaine de Capuccini and ishga brands is fantastic and we spend a lot of time learning new techniques and understanding the benefits of the brands. I would say that in my first year here, I learned more than the whole time I was in college,” adds Jade.

“Don’t get me wrong, college was great, but I don’t think anything can top that hands-on experience and learning from your peers. I knew I would benefit from some excellent training at Loch Lomond, but I didn’t expect it to be so thorough.”

Living locally in nearby Alexandria, Jade says that working at Loch Lomond Golf Club gives her a great work/life balance. “We are all moms and the entire Spa team gives us great support; we all understand the challenges,” he adds. “We really are one big happy family here and having such lovely customers is the icing on the cake. Having such a beautiful spa and providing the first-class luxury service that we provide is very important, it’s great to be a part of it.”


“I absolutely love my job and I love working in the club’s Spa”

Colleen Berrie came to the Club 10 years ago as an independent therapist. He is now a Spa Training Manager

Herald of Scotland:

FOR Colleen Berrie, who lives in Alexandria, a short drive from Loch Lomond Golf Club, is just one of the reasons she chose to join the Spa team. “Walking through the doors for the first time, I felt like I was home,” he recalls.

Like many employees of the exclusive Five Star Private Members Club, Colleen was

“shocked” when she was shown what would become her new workplace. “That was almost 10 years ago and that sweeping impulse still gets me every time,” he laughs. “It’s so peaceful, so calm.

“People walk past the entrance on what is a very busy street, especially during the summer months, and have no idea what is behind it. I didn’t know it was there despite being so close to home and I really like that it’s a secret that most people don’t know about.”

Colleen, 32, trained at Clydebank College and was also working in a small local salon when she met the former manager of the Spa who was giving a talk to students. “They asked me if I would be interested in helping and that was the beginning of my relationship with the Club,” she explains.
Starting out as an independent therapist, she progressed to full time therapist and then lead therapist before being promoted to Spa Training Manager.

“I absolutely love my job and I love working here,” says Colleen.

“Both clients and staff rarely experience spa treatment rooms where they can see a garden and for our clients in particular, when they first come to us…their reaction really makes their day. Our Members come from all over the world and stay in the most prestigious places, so when they tell us that our Spa is their favorite, we feel very proud and happy”.

Whilst its location within a beautiful and peaceful Victorian walled garden offers a setting like no other, the spa facilities are second to none with extensive treatment rooms along with tropical shower, sauna, steam room, vitality pools and ice fountain and, of course, separate relaxation rooms for women and men.
The therapists use Germaine de Capuccini and ishga products to offer a full range of body treatments.

“We were one of the first spas in Scotland to introduce ishga, an organic skincare range that has Hebridean seaweed at its core,” says Colleen. “Our customers also love Germaine de Capuccini, a high-end Spanish range that we launched in 2017 – it’s very luxurious and results-oriented.

“It is important to renew and update our skills; that could be learning new massage techniques or even fairly simple things that will help build confidence and can lead to new career opportunities.”
For the team at the Spa at Loch Lomond Golf Club, however, it’s not just about administering massages and facials.

As Colleen explains, “Our job is to help our clients relax, so it’s important that our therapists have great interpersonal skills, and what we love about working here is that our regular clients always remember our names; that’s something we love.” it encourages everyone because you get to know the people very well.”

Colleen, now 32, is a prime example of someone whose career has grown and blossomed as a member of the Spa team at Loch Lomond Golf Club. “I have more confidence as a person,” she says. “Meeting people from all over the world, people with different life experiences, really opens your mind and helps you broaden your horizons.

“For therapists looking for a new challenge, especially if you live in a reasonably close area to us, please apply to our current openings. It’s such a welcoming team with family hours, great benefits and perks, and a work environment you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.”

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