Progressive Purchase Card Returns to Lititz for Small Business on Saturday and the Holiday Season | Local business

Think you’ve seen and done everything there is to see and do in Lititz? Not quite, says Rebecca Branle, CEO of Venture Lititz.

With each change of season, Lititz gets better and better. And the Christmas season in Lititz is no exception. There are all the tried and true favorites like Wilbur Chocolate, Sturgis Pretzel Bakery, and Zest! But there is always something new in these stores and all kinds of new things to experience.

“Branle Table is a first for Lititz, which is a great addition to Lititz,” says Branle. “Silvia and Mariana bring incredible energy to Main Street. Visit The Brazilian Table once and you will feel like family. And the food! You can feel the love baked into every bite. I’m hooked on their carrot cake, but my family is addicted to cheese bread. Their sweets and treats make delicious gifts, especially when you don’t want to arrive empty-handed at a holiday party.”

For Small Business Saturday and the holiday season, Lititz is bringing back the Progressive Buying Card. Shoppers earn one stamp for every $20 they spend at the center. When they fill out their card, they can submit it as their entry into a raffle for a gift basket filled with Lititz Store merchandise.

Branle reminds Lititz residents and those who love Lititz to experience all that Lititz has to offer with its great downtown retail. Downtown store and restaurant owners create a sense of community that everyone can appreciate, she says.

“Inspiration can be found within each store, not only in the products, but also in the people who sell them,” says Branle. “Unlike national chains, our local business owners sponsor our children’s activities and volunteer for our local non-profit organizations. There’s something really cool about the cyclical nature of supporting small businesses, because when we support our small businesses, they can support our communities in return.”

And, he adds, with a thriving downtown, the ability of local businesses to hire and retain employees is improved, which in turn benefits property values. It attracts tourism, which then supports the local economy more broadly.

Every Lititz business has something unique to offer.

The Savory Gourmet has special nights with tastings of its exotic meats and cheeses. Cheer up! has cooking classes, and the Lititz Music Company offers music lessons and new or used instruments. You’ll find unique artwork and gifts from local artists at Purple Robin Reserve and heirloom chairs and dressers from Morton’s Fine Furniture. Bunyaad has international gifts from around the world, while Purple Turtle Consignment Boutique and Matthew 25 offer second-hand and beloved clothing, accessories and more for budget buys.

Branle suggests that shoppers want to celebrate all things Lititz with gift baskets that combine the best of Lititz, such as cozy Lititz hoodies and beanies from The Tattered Shirt, coffee from Whiff Roasters, and whiskey from Stoll & Wolfe. Other gifts from Lititz include Wilbur Buds, Sturgis Pretzels, a book by Lititz author AS King from Aaron’s Book Store, a Moravian Star from the Moravian Mission Gift Shop, a Lititz print from the Lititz Historical Foundation, Lititz stickers from Atlas , Purple Robin Reserve trim, and crafty Main Street Peddler “There’s No Place Like Lititz” signs.

Every time Branle walks through Lititz, there is something new to discover. Who knew there was Black Walnut Balsamic Vinegar in Olio or Nashville Spicy Chicken Seasoning in Zest?

But is there more to Lititz’s charm?

“Sure, we have a cityscape that could be the set for a Hallmark movie or a Norman Rockwell painting, but it’s the people that make us shine,” says Branle.

“It’s Becky at Pebbles & Lace, Trudi at Heavenly Soaps & Scents, Gaylord and Nadine at Tiger’s Eye, and Joe, Judy and Pete at Olio. These folks have beautifully curated stores that will delight you and keep you coming back again and again, but it’s the way they greet you and genuinely work to get to know you that makes them truly remarkable.”

Lititz also has many Christmas events, including the Christmas in the Park tree lighting on December 2, the Christmas Carol Sing on December 8, and The Candlelight Tour on December 9. For more details, visit

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